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Review: OWC Mercury Elite Firewire Drive

By Daniel Counsell, Editor-in-Chief, MacSofa.com
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Looking for some more storage? We think we have found the ultimate firewire drive, It's from a company called Other World Computing. The installation procedure is simple, I guess that's the thing about being a Mac user, you expect things to just work and I'm glad to say it's true with this drive.

There are only a few simple steps to get your drive up and running:

Step 1. Insert power supply into hard drive case and plug-in to wall.
Step 2. Connect FireWire cable to drive and mac.
Step 3. Turn power switch on at the rear of the drive.

That's it, the blue light on the front of the drive comes on and then within seconds the drive is mounted on the desktop, ready for action.

OWC promise "Super Quiet Operation" from the Mercury Elite, and they are absolutely right. The only reason you know the drive is on is because of the glowing blue light on the front of the drive.

The 120GB Mercury Elite drive we tested comes with a huge 8MB cache, that makes a huge difference over most other drives that have a mere 2MB cache. OWC say the drive is "Fully Suitable for Audio/Video Applications" and they are not wrong. We tested this drive with iMovie, editing and playing massive movies directly from the drive, it handles it extremely well. The same goes for copying large amounts of data around in the finder - it's lightning fast!

The drive enclosure is made of very strong clear plastic and it looks great. It comes with small plastic feet so you can stand the drive up vertically or lay it down horizontally. I am very impressed with every aspect of this FireWire drive. It fits right in with the mac look and is super silent and easy to set-up - you couldn't ask for a better drive!

Key Features
2 FireWire Ports
Large 2048K Data Buffer
Data Rates of over 40 Megs per Second

Mercury Elite receives a perfect score!

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