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OWC Mercury Storage Solution
Posted on Thursday, August 07 2004 @ 16:38:47 CDT by timv

A few weeks ago I did a short heads-up article when OWC released it's Mercury On-The-Go Pro Firewire/USB 7200 RPM, 2.5 inch external hard drive. Now I've been lucky enough to have used one for the last ten days. I have to say that it will pain me to send it back after the review. I might just tell the kids not to answer the phone and bounce the OWC emails back as "no such address" and keep it for a while longer. This is one sweet little drive.

It's fast, very fast. With the 7200 rpm speed and the 8 meg cache, the firewire or USB 1.1/2.0 connection really shines on a Mac or PC. It came with FireWire Cable, Carrying Case, Intech SpeedTools, USB cable and AC adaptor, but I never used the adaptor, both my PC and my TiBook just needed the USB 2, or Firewire cable to run the hard drive. Imagine the fun I had with a hard drive that small and plugging it in with one cable and backing up, playing multimedia files, or imaging my boot drives.

The OWC Mercury On-The-Go Pro drive merges the proven performance of Oxford 911 FireWire with an In-System USB 2.0 / USB 1.1 chipset creating one perfectly integrated storage solution. The clear case made it the envy of the office, and the blue LED was a sweet little extra look. Did I tell you I love this drive? Maybe I did.. the tough part is going back to my 3.5 inch external 7200 rpm after using this one. It's less then half the size.

Let me spew out some specs and you be the judge.
External Case Dimensions: 3.5" (W) x 5.5" (D) x 1" (H)
Total Shipping Weight: Less than 2.5Lbs including Power Transformer
Standard Mechanism: 60.0GB Hitachi/IBM 9.5MM SuperSlim 7200RPM 8MB Cache ATA/6 Drive
Max Data Transfer Rate: 400 Mbps (or 50MB/sec) - FireWire 480 Mbps (or 60MB/sec) - USB 2.0
Bus Interface: FireWire (IEE1394/iLink Compliant), 2 ports, one 6 Pin(powered), one 4 Pin(unpowered) - for use with some video cameras, check with your manufacturer for more information about camcorders supporting this feature. USB 2.0, one port.

The price for this 60 gig beauty is not cheap, $429.99. But if you want to sacrifice the speed, and storage size, OWC does have more inexpensive models of the On-The-Go design. Check it out and dream of owning one of these little gems. I am disconnecting the phone and changing email addresses as we speak.

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