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January, 2004
Photoshop User, Reviews
Mercury On-The-Go, Portable 60 GB hard drive runs at 7200 rpm

Review by Jim Patterson

The latest Macs are movie-making machines, and now portable storage devices have caught up. Other World Computing's 2.5" portable hard drive blazes along at an amazing 7200 rpm to give moviemakers and audio engineers real-time editing capabilities.

The 7200-rpm Mercury On-The-Go - its name is more cumbersome than its function - is a sleek, 60-GB machine housed in a 3.5x5.5x1" package weighting 11 oz. The clear plastic housing reveals all the Mercury's inner workings and a bright blue LED signals when the unit is on.

Our test model was the FireWire/USB combination model. A two-position switch controls the unit's power - Off, DC wall plug (furnished) or Bus. We plugged our Mac's FireWire cable into the Mercury's port and turned the switch to Bus power. The blue LED appeared instantly, as did the OWC On-The-Go icon on the desktop.

A problem with testing hard drives for speed is having enough data for realistic transfer. I found two folders on my iMac OS X totalling 3.7 GB (I don't make movies) and dragged them to the Mercury. The copy was finished in 3 minutes 15 seconds in a virtually silent operation. The same two files on my G4 750 tower required 8 minutes 12 seconds running under Mac OS 9.2.2. The 8-MB cache ensures stutter-free, real-time transfer, which is invaluable for digital movies and audio.

The 7200-rpm Mercury On-The-Go ships with power adapter and drivers for operating systems lower than OS X.

This Mercury On-The-Go portable drive certainly goes...it's sweet and fast!

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