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From our headquarters in Woodstock, Illinois, we at Other World Computing care about this world -- the world we live in today.

It is a world where energy conservation and environmental leadership are everyone's responsibility, and a place where we can all contribute in our own way to achieve great things, individually and collectively; for our nation and our planet.

OWC's headquarters, data and distribution center building has been designed to represent the values that customers have come to expect from OWC: excellence in products; creativity and innovation; as well as a demonstrated respect for the community and participating in its growth.

Creating a "Green" facility is a natural extension of those values and ideals. We have made it our priority to design and build an attractive, environmentally friendly facility that we hope will typify future commercial endeavors. After participating in the United States Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program, the Other World Computing corporate campus was awarded LEED Platinum Certification in March 2010 by the Green Building Certification Institute. Platinum is the highest achievable level of the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Program, which began in 1998. Out of more than 14,000 LEED projects engaged worldwide since the program's inception, OWC is one of less than three hundred to achieve the Platinum standard. With this recognition, OWC also became the first privately owned light manufacturing/assembly building in Illinois to obtain LEED Platinum status, demonstrating our commitment for the benefit of our employees, our neighbors, and our world.

After achieving USGB's LEED Platinum Certification, a level only the top percentile of construction projects in the United States ever reach, OWC will continue to engage in Good Corporate Citizenship for the well being of everyone, and provide leadership that starts locally.

By setting our goals high and starting out "Green", the resulting benefits will be far greater than merely financial. The payback is all around us, and with each new Green undertaking, people will see that they too, can take part in making the world "Green," one project at a time. That each of us, can indeed, make a difference.

OWC Building
OWC started operations from new facility 3/3/2008
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