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(*) Elgato EyeTV Mobile: Live TV on your iPad & iPhone. Watch live TV on your iPad and iPhone without touching your data plan. *New, Open Box, Complete with 1 Year Elgato Warranty* (10026010) Same Day $99.95
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EyeTV Mobile
Live TV on your iPad & iPhone

New Condition | Open Box

Real live TV. Without internet.
Watch live TV on your iPad and iPhone with EyeTV Mobile. Since the tuner technology uses special TV airwaves and is not streaming, you won't need an internet connection, 3G/4G or a Wi-Fi hotspot to watch TV. EyeTV Mobile never touches your data plan, so you can enjoy real live TV in brilliant quality without waiting for any data to load.
The compact TV tuner connects directly to the iPad or iPhone, receives the TV signal via the supplied miniature telescopic antenna and works with the free EyeTV Mobile app (available on the App Store).
It couldn't be simpler.
Just visit the App Store, download the free EyeTV Mobile app to your iPad or iPhone, and connect the compact EyeTV Mobile TV tuner. Launch the app, choose a channel, and start enjoying live TV right away.
Superior reception.
EyeTV Mobile is the only TV tuner of its kind to offer flexible antenna options. Position the telescopic antenna for great reception on the go, or connect the rod antenna in areas with poor reception - you decide. The proven MCX connector always ensures optimal signal transmission and prevents damage to the TV tuner or iPad or iPhone.
Take a break.
Distractions? No problem. Pause and resume live TV on your iPad or iPhone with EyeTV Mobile.
Convenient TV functions - no second screen required.
EyeTV Mobile brings convenient functions to your iPad and iPhone. You can email or tweet recommendations directly from the electronic program guide or even surf the Internet, all while still watching your favorite show. EyeTV Mobile turns your iPad or iPhone into a portable TV with a social twist.

Product Specifications:

Elgato Part Number

  • 10026010

Antenna input

  • MCX


  • ATSC-M/H

System Requirements

  • iPod touch (4th generation), iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad, iPad 2 or iPad (3rd generation) with iOS 5.1 or later
  • iPod touch (5th generation), iPhone 5, iPad (4th generation) and iPad mini require optional Lightning to 30-pin adapter (sold separately)
  • Dyle™ mobile TV coverage (check www.dyle.tv/coverage-map for availability in your area)


  • EyeTV Mobile Tuner
  • Miniature Telescopic Antenna (MCX)
  • Rod antenna with magnetic base & detachable suction cup
  • USB cable


  • The EyeTV Mobile app can display electronic program guide information transmitted in the digital TV stream. The availability and amount of program information varies depending on the channel.
  • EyeTV Mobile lets you enjoy up to 9 hours of live TV on your fully-charged iPad and over 4 hours on your iPhone (30% brightness, flight-mode enabled).


  • 1.2" x 1.6" x 0.4" (20.1 x 3.6 x 48.3 cm)


  • 0.5 oz. (1.09 kg)


      Manufacturer provided specifications for Elgato p/n 10026010 UPC#: 426019539155


Elgato EyeTV Mobile Live TV on your iPad & iPhone Mfr P/N: 10026010 OWC SKU: ELG10026010OB Watch live TV on your iPad and iPhone without touching your data plan. 1 Year Warranty Ships: Same Day only $69.00 Elgato 10026010 In Stock, Click to Buy Now
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