Internal Drives: Choosing the Internal option will select your drive to be pre-tested prior to shipping by OWC trained technicians. The pre-testing process includes the spinning up of the unit, pre-formatting using Mac OS HFS Plus* (extended) with Charismac Anubis Drive Utility Software, and the loading of 100mb of shareware onto the drive. The shareware titles include everything from basic Hard Drive utility programs to system diagnostic utilities, Newer Tech's "Guru", and even some classic Macintosh promotional videos. Order with confidence and ensure ease of installation by choosing the Internal option with your next drive from OWC!

Bare Drives: Choosing the bare option skips the drive pre-testing as well as formatting. This option gets your drive shipped faster but leaves the "Tech Issues" in your hands.

External Drives: Choosing this option will get you everything you get with the Internal Drive Option, but your drive will be installed in an external enclosure. Power cable, SCSI connecting cable, and terminator are included with all external drives.

  • Bare Hard Drives ship without delay
  • Please allow 1-2 day processing for Internal/External Hard Drives

* If you have a Macintosh model that is running Mac OS 7 or earlier, please call in your order and ask for custom formatting of the drive using HFS Standard.

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Standard 50 pin SCSI Drives may be used internally as a replacement or an additional drive for Windows / Dos / Unix PCs that have a SCSI Interface; Macintosh Quadra 700 / 800 / 840av / 900 / 950, PowerMac 8100 / 6400 / 6500 / 7200 / 7300 / 7500 / 7600 / 8500 / 8600 / 9500 / 9600 / G3 Desktop / G3 Minitower, All PowerComputing Models, All Umax Models, & Most Motorola StarMax and StarMax based clone models.

These systems only have one internal hard drive bay and an Internal SCSI Hard drive would be used to replace an existing internal drive: Apple SE / SE30; II, IIx, IIci, IIsi, IIvi, IIvx; Performa / LC I / II / III / 400 / 405 / 430 / 450 / 460 / 475 / 600 / 611x Series;Centris 610 / 650 / 660av, Quadra 605 / 610 / 650 / 660av, PowerMac 6100 / 7100.

External Standard SCSI Hard drives will work with any system that has a standard SCSI port. All Apple Macintosh Computers Mac Plus and above, EXCEPT for the iMac can utilize multiple Standard SCSI External hard drives. OWC External Single Bay hard drive enclosures feature US / International 50 Watt Auto Switching Power Supply, Dual SCSI Ports, Push Button SCSI-ID, Dual SCSI Ports, Quiet High-Volume Cooling Fan, Power & Read / Write Lights, Durable / Impact Resistant casing, Platinum in Color.

UltraWide SCSI internal and external hard drives require that you have an UltraWide 68 pin SCSI Controller such as the Initio Miles UltraWide PCI Interface we offer for $209. The only common Mac model that has UltraWide support is the G3 / 300 Minitower. All other models would require an aftermarket card / previous custom options configuaration.