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The IDE/ATA 2.5 Laptop drives on this page are compatible with Apple PowerBook models, Apple Duo models, and PC laptops that require a 2.5" IDE/ATA drive. The current drive models include 12.5mm 'Slim' and 9.5mm 'SuperSlim'. Different laptop models have different maximum height requirements, please check your machine's specifications before purchasing.

For Apple PowerBook & iBook models, we offer this guide: (click machines for more detailed information)

All 2.5" ATA/IDE drives 9.5mm and 12.5mm are correct for:

All 2.5" ATA/IDE drives 9.5mm are correct for:

**There is a problem with large capacity ATA hard drives and SCSI disk mode on PowerBook models prior to the PowerBook G3 (introduced in November of 1997.) The affected machines include the PowerBook Duo 2300c, the PowerBook 5300 family, the PowerBook 190 family, the PowerBook 1400 family, the PowerBook 3400 family, and the PowerBook 2400 family. The problem only affects such machines because they have ATA hard drives. PowerBooks with SCSI hard drives are not affected by this problem. To download a PDF document from Apple's Developer Library with more information and workaround suggestions, click HERE.

***Duos that have been upgraded to a Duo 2300 will need an Apple IDE cable for installing an IDE drive for the first time. Upgraded Duo's generally have the stock SCSI drive still connected unless a hard drive upgrade was done at the same time.