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NTI Dragon Burn 4.5
Full Featured Creativity Suite for Music, Photos, Movies, Sharing & Backup!

Dragon Burn enables Macintosh computer users to quickly and easily begin producing audio, data, mixed-mode CDs, DVDs, and BDs (Blu-ray Discs). Dragon Burn's Multi-Burning engine allows users to simultaneously write multiple CDs, DVDs, and BDs from single or multiple sorces. It also fully supports the newest internal and external drives.

Using Dragon Burn, Macintosh users can easily produce their own audio and data CDs, DVDs, and BDs; mixed-mode and CD extra discs; and VCD and SVCD video discs. Users can mix and match AIFF, CDDA, MP3 or Wave files to produce custom audio CDs. For CD, DVD, and BD data mastering applications, Dragon Burn fully supports ISO 9660 MS-DOS and Joliet, HFS (Mac OS) and HFS+ (Mac OS Extended) file systems. For Hybrid CDs and DVDs, users can select Mac OS and ISO 9660 file system combinations including data from previous ISO 9660 sessions.

For complete data protection and recovery, users can burn layouts to a disc or save them as complete disc image files. Using similar creation techniques, users can quickly and easily produce a backup copy of any CD or non-copy protected DVD. To ensure that users always produce quality discs, Dragon Burn supports BurnProof and other buffer-underrun protection technologies. For maximum throughput performance, the mastering software also supports USB 2.0 and FireWire CD/DVD/BD burners.


New Features in Version 4.5!

  • Universal Binary!
    • Now runs natively on PPC and Intel Macs.
  • Blu-ray Data!
    • Supports burning data to BD-R and BD-RE medias in 25 or 50 GB capacities.
  • Blu-ray read driver for Tiger
    • Allows Mac OS X 10.4 users to read Blu-ray discs.
      (Not required for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard)

Detailed Features Lists of Dragon Burn

  • Audio CD
    • Creates Audio & MP3 CDs from WAV, AIFF, MP3 files and Audio CD Tracks.
    • Converts Audio Files To and From Wave/AIFF/MP3 Formats.
    • Encode MP3 files from WAVE/AIFF/CDDA tracks.
    • Set pause length (0-10 seconds) of each audio track.
    • Disc-At-Once (DAO) writing for Audio CDs.
    • Plays audio track using QuickTime controller embedded in the layout.
    • Unlimited MP3 Encoding by Fraunhofer.
    • Online Music Database Support.
    • Automatic Volume Balancing.
    • Import iTunes Playlists for Audio CD burning.
    • CD-Text support for track and disc.
    • Audio Swapping Supported: Automatically extracts audio tracks from CD to your local hard drive using Drag-n-Drop.
    • Extract or encode multiple audio tracks at the same time (WAVE/AIFF/MP3).
  • Data CD/DVD/BD
    • ISO9660 MS-DOS
    • ISO9660 Joliet (long file name)
    • HFS (Mac OS)
    • HFS+ (Mac OS Extended)
    • Hybrid (MS-DOS/HFS)
    • Hybrid (MS-DOS/HFS+)
    • Hybrid (Joliet/HFS)
    • Hybrid (Joliet /HFS+)
    • Universal Disc Format (UDF) 1.5
    • Volume Info for ISO9660 & UDF Discs.
    • CD-ROM XA format support.
    • Apple Extensions support.
    • Create/Use custom filters for data layouts to easily archive to data CDs/DVDs/BDs by file type.
    • Add data incrementally to CDs and DVDs (Multisession Support) for HFS(+), ISO and UDF file systems.
    • Multi-Session Spport.
      • Import Session (ISO 9660 Sessions)
      • Allows the import of existing ISO 9660 session(s).
      • Highlights files from previous session in the layout.
      • Displays information from previous ISO 9660 sessions.
      • Option to completely remove imported session(s) with a single click.
  • CD/DVD/BD Copy
    • Supports all CD formats (including Multi-session discs).
    • DVD/BD Data copy (non copy-protected).
    • Single drive CD Copy supported.
    • Copy to hard disk prior to burning option.
    • Source Drive Speed Checking to insure most efficient burning speed is selected prior to a burn.
    • Drag-n-Drop CD Image Files directly into layout.
    • Displays track/session information for source (Including CD Image).
    • Copies CD-Text information for Track and Disc.
    • CD Image support.
  • Live Audio
    • Record business meetings or archive classic LPs and cassette tapes. Use a microphone or turn virtually any analog music source into a crystal clear digital CD.
  • Mixed Mode CD
  • CD Extra CD (Enhanced CD)
  • MP3 CD Layout (ISO 9660 format)
    • Automatically Encode MP3s from AIFF/CDDA/WAVE input files
    • Creates/Manages MP3 Playlist when burning an MP3 CD.
    • Burn MP3 Playlist and autorun for Windows users.
  • Additional Features
    • Universal Binary
    • Multiple Document Interface support
      • Create/edit layouts while burning or erasing.
      • Save/load any layouts while burning or erasing.
      • Double clicking a saved layout will automatically load the layout.
    • Dynamic Drive Support(DDS)and Live Update.
      • Dynamic Drive Support eliminates the worry about CD drive compatibility by automatically detecting your drive and allowing a basic level of support for your drive even if Dragon Burn does not directly support it. In this case, some drive specific features will not be available until the drive is fully supported and listed in our supported drive database.
      • Use Live Update to download and install the latest version of the supported drive database from the NTI website.
    • Multiple Recording
      • Each layout can start a burn/erase process.
      • Dragon Burn's Device Manager keeps track of each drive's status to prevent multiple access of the same drive during burning/erasing.
    • Disc Info
      • Displays detailed media information for selected drive.
      • Allows user to erase.
      • Allows user to extract tracks onto local hard drive.
      • Displays CD-Text if available.
    • Recorder Info
      • Displays detailed information gathered from system and database file about each CD/DVD Recorder.
      • Displays current drive database version.
    • Live Update for Drive Support Database (Internet connection required)
      • Automatically download newest drive support database directly from our FTP to support the newest drives.
    • Burning Options
    • Scans and validates all files prior to burning.
    • Smart Decision sets up all the options based on layout type, drive/media capabilities, and source data.
    • Speed Slider is customized based on current drive and media used.
    • Track-At-Once/Session-At-Once/Disc-At-Once supported.
    • Dragon Burn supports all buffer under run technologies like BURN-Proof, JustLink, Seamlesslink and ExacLink
    • Simulate Burning.
    • Write CD-Text (if available).
    • User Preferences
      • Stores default settings automatically.
      • Select amount of cache to use for burning.
      • Select volume for temporary file storage.
      • Customize your own burning progress bar.
      • Set MP3 Encoding Options (Quality, Bit rate, Channels).

NTI Dragon Burn 4.5 Requirements

Hardware Requirements:

  • Macintosh computer with Power PC or Intel processor
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 20 MB of free disk space for software installation
  • CD, DVD, or BD recorder

Software Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.4, Mac OS X 10.5, Mac OS X 10.6




 Data Features    Audio Features
  • HFS.
  • HFS+.
  • MS-DOS.
  • Joliet (MS-DOS /Windows).
  • Hybrid (HFS/MS-DOS).
  • Hybrid (HFS+/Joliet).
  • Mac Volume.
  • Multi-session.
  • Decode MP3 files to AIFF or CD-DA tracks.
  • Burn MP3 to CD-DA on the fly.
  • Playback AIFF, MP3, WAV, or CD-DA from within the layout.
  • Convert MP3, CD-DA, WAVE to AIFF.
  • Extract CD-DA tracks to AIFF.
 User Interface    Other Features
  • Do everything in just a few guided steps.
  • User friendly – No learning required!
  • Just follow the tabs from left to right and burn your CD.
  • Setup advanced options for your burning needs.
  • Mixed-Mode CD.
  • CD-Extra (Enhanced CD).
  • CD Copy can duplicate CD of any format.
  • Supports all buffer-under-run-protection technologies (e.g. BurnProof, JustLink, ExactLink, SeamlessLink, etc.)
  • Advanced Buffer Management for reliable ultra-speed recording.

 Powerful Dragon Burn for Mac OS 9 features:

Dragon Burn Audio CD supports all types of audio formats such as AIFF, WAV, MP3, or CD-DA tracks. You can decode your MP3 files into AIFF or CD-DA tracks, extract CD-DA tracks into AIFF files, convert WAV files to AIFF or vice versa. You can mix any types of audio formats in the Dragon Burn audio layout and weÕll do the work to build your Audio CD.

Dragon Burn Data CD supports all types of file formats such as HFS, HFS+, Joliet, MS-DOS, Hybrid HFS/MS-DOS, Hybrid HFS+/Joliet, as well as Mac Volume. Now you can back up all the data you want the way you want it. Making a hybrid Data CD allows your data to be read in any Windows platform as well as all the Macintosh platforms.

Dragon Burn CD Copy supports the duplication of all types of CD formats such as Data, Audio, Video, CD-Extra, and Mixed-Mode. Now you can make backup copies of all your favorite CDÕs and valuable data. With Dragon Burn, you also have the option to create an image of a CD onto your hard drive so you can burn them onto a CD anytime you choose.

Dragon Burn follows an easy-to-use step interface that walks you through the steps necessary to make your CD the way you want. All you have to do is pick the type of CD you want to make and follow the tabs as Dragon Burn instructs you every step of the way. Before the burning process starts, Dragon Burn will check and make sure every step was completed to insure a successful burn.

Dragon Burn supports all the latest drives in the market as well as some of the latest CD-burning technologies available such as BurnProof and JustLink.


Dragon Burn supports Mac OS 9.0.4 or later.