Overview- Dantz Retrospect Express 5.1/6.0/6.5 for Mac (5.1 for Mac OS 9 users, 6.0 for Mac OS X) and Windows (6.5 for Windows users)

Dantz Retrospect Express delivers proven business-class data protection capabilities in an easy to use software package. Designed for safety and security, Retrospect Express protects your desktop or notebook against loss due to viruses, newly installed software, user error, damaged hardware, hardware upgrades, hackers, and lost or stolen computers. Retrospect Express provides complete protection, ease of use, and fast backups with 100% accurate restores.

Key Benefits

  • Proven Technology

Fast, automated backups and ease of use make Retrospect Express the software trusted to protect critical data on millions of computers worldwide. More than a decade of real-world experience, patented technology, and numerous awards combine to make Retrospect Express the premier choice for desktop/notebook backup.

  • Complete Protection

Retrospect Express provides complete protection for desktops and notebooks. Retrospect backs up important data, all operating system files and settings, and device drivers, as well as applications and their settings. Retrospect Express supports a large variety of backup devices such as hard disks, removable drives, and CD/DVD drives. Whether you need to recover a file or folder, or perform a bare metal system restore, Retrospect Express has you covered.

  • Fast Backups with 100% Accurate Restores

Retrospect’s patented Progressive Backup saves time because it backs up only new and changed files after the first full backup. Retrospect Express performs 100% accurate restores without bringing back unwanted files and folders that were previously deleted, renamed, or moved. Other backup software avoids flawed restores only by repeatedly performing full backups, which wastes time and consumes backup media space.

  • Easy to Use

Install Retrospect Express and perform your first backup in less than 5 minutes. The EasyScript™ Wizard guides you through the steps required to set up the automatic, scheduled backups of your computer. When backups are run, Retrospect Express prompts for additional backup media if required. And when you need to perform a restore, Retrospect Express locates files quickly — even if you’re not sure on which piece of backup

Dantz Retrospect Express 5.1 (Mac OS 9 users) Features:
Complete Protection
Back up a desktop or notebook Back up a single Windows or Macintosh desktop or notebook.
Encryption Fast SimpleCrypt protects data on the backup media.
Virus Protection Works with your virus protection program to ensure virus free backups.
Automatic Device Detection Automatically recognizes supported backup devices, eliminating the need to load and configure device drivers manually.
Back up to a Variety of Devices Back up to hard drives, CD/DVD, as well as removable USB and IEEE 1394 hard drives.
Compression Increases the capacity of the backup media.
Windows Logo–Certified Certified compatibility for use on Windows-based computers.
Complete Backups Backs up all OS files and settings, device drivers, as well as applications and their settings.
Fast Backups
Progressive Backup This patented technology backs up only new and changed data to save time while ensuring 100% accurate restores even after multiple incremental backups.
100% Accurate Restores to Any Point in Time Unlike other backup software, Retrospect does not restore unwanted files that were deleted, moved, or renamed between the initial and subsequent backups.
Point-in-Time Restores Roll back any folder, file, or disk to a previously backed up state—even restore the operating system and registry.
Powerful Search Capabilities Search for files on the backup media using a multitude of criteria. Retrospect optimizes and runs the restore, asking for media as necessary.
Discovers common files and backs up only one
copy of each
Retrospect adds only one copy of every file existing on your computer to be protected to each Backup Set, saving considerable time and space on the backup media (Single-instance Storage).
Easy to Use
Backup Sets Backup Sets eliminate the need for complex media rotation strategies, simplifying the creation and management of a backup strategy.
Automated Backup Set Rotation One of the keys to data protection is having multiple, complete Backup Sets of your data. Retrospect automates this task and eliminates the need to do time-consuming full backups each time media is rotated.
Create Multiple Backup Sets Create more than one complete set of backup media for safety and for offsite disaster recovery purposes. Make a copy of an existing Backup Set.
EasyScript™ Wizard For simple backup needs, just answer a few questions and Retrospect will create your backup scripts and schedules for you.
Comprehensive Reporting Reports provide a summary of all backup and restore results.
Duplicates Duplicates are useful for making copies of folders or disks.
Archives Archive files onto backup media, thereby freeing up hard drive space.
Media Verification Scans media to verify data integrity.
Backup Verification Ensures that the actual data on the tape is correct, not just the file names and sizes.
Bring Back Past Versions of a File Bring back any version of a file that has been backed up, or all versions of that file.
Fastest first backup Installs in under 5 minutes.

New and Improved Features in Dantz Retrospect Express 6.0 (Mac OS X Users)
Platforms Supported Retrospect 6.0 for Macintosh runs on Mac OS X 10.1.5 and later. The CD also includes Retrospect 5.1 for Macintosh to back up a local Mac OS 9 computer.
Latest Macintosh Hardware Supported Retrospect 6.0 supports the latest Macintosh hardware including Power Mac G5s.
Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) Support Provides complete, automated backups and restores of any Macintosh running Panther, the latest Mac OS X operating systems.
Unicode Support Retrospect correctly backs up and restores Unicode file and folder names from Mac OS X and Mac OS 9 computers.
Larger Backup Sets Supported The maximum amount of data that can be contained in a single Backup Set has been increased from 1TB to greater than 1,000 TB.
Improved Backups to FireWire and USB Hard Disk Drives Backups can now span multiple FireWire and USB hard disks, providing a disk-to-disk backup solution for networks that contain more data than will fit on a single large disk.
Optional Bootable CD Supports Latest Macs The Retrospect Express CD now uses Mac OS X 10.3.1 for bootable disaster recovery of the latest Macintoshes. This optional CD is available for purchase at http://www.dantz.com
New and Improved File Selectors (Filters)
Existing file type selectors have been updated and new selectors have been added to make it easier to precisely select files and folders to be backed up.
  • Users Folder and Prefs (OS X)
This selector will copy the Users folder containing all users and the Library>Preferences folder. This selector also excludes all browser cache files.
  • Music
This will copy the contents of all users' "Music" folders and common music files outside of the "music" folder.
  • Movies
This will copy the contents of all users' "Movies" folder and common movie files outside of the "movies" folder.
  • Pictures
This will copy the contents of all users' "Pictures" folder and common picture files outside of the "pictures" folder.
  • Music, Movies, Pictures
This is a combination of the Music, Movies and Pictures selector.
Note: The Music, Movies and Pictures selectors noted above do not copy files from the System directories, Applications folder, Developer Tools folder or in the Internet Cache files.
Increased Speed Retrospect 6.0 is 20 to 100% faster than previous OS X versions for backing up to local hard disk.
New Help System The new Retrospect Help includes all the information contained formerly in the Users Guide.