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Elgato Video Capture Elgato Video Capture Capture and digitize analog video from a VCR, camcorder or other analog sources for playback on your Mac, PC and iPad. Only $99.95 $83.00 Over $20 Total Weekender Savings OWC Slim OWC Slim 6X Portable USB 2.0
External Blu-ray Burner
A compact, versatile optical drive to take everywhere. Only $129.99 $99.00 Over $37 Total Weekender Savings Combo: Buy this Blu-Ray Burner and get $4 off up to two packs of Millenniata 4X BD-R 25GB Blu-ray Media
OWC Dual Flash OWC 64.0GB Dual USB Flash Drive The amazingly small flash drive with both a Micro USB and USB interface all-in-one for use on a Mac, PC, smartphone, and tablet with USB or Micro USB interfaces. Only $49.99 $13.99 Over $29 Total Weekender Savings NewerTech Security Cable NewerTech Security Cable with Kensington Lock Confidence and protection for your Mac with a 6' braided-steel cable and 4 digit combination, compatible with Kensington style lock slots. Only $19.95 $11.99 Over $8 Total Weekender Savings
NewerTech Security Adapter NewerTech Security Adapter With Kensington Slot Easily add a Kensington slot and security lock to your 13" MacBook Pro with Retina display and you'll never need to worry about your Mac when you're working on-the go. Only $34.99 $19.88 Over $16 Total Weekender Savings OWC Neptune 6G OWC Neptune 6G 2.5" SATA SSD Delivering the extra performance you need for everyday computing tasks, and designed to bring new life to your Mac or PC, Neptune increases speed & capacity without breaking the bank. From $84.99 $74.75 Over $9 Total Weekender Savings
OWC Envoy Pro mini OWC 240GB Envoy Pro mini
Portable SSD
This is not your average thumb drive. Elegant, light, and strong, Envoy Pro mini is full-sized desktop-class SSD performance in the ultimate go-anywhere storage companion. Only $199.99 $94.75 Over $30 Total Weekender Savings
SoftRAID SoftRAID v5.5
RAID 0/1/4/5/10 & Drive Monitoring
SoftRAID offers performance and flexibility far beyond hardware RAID. Delivering state-of-the-art drive certification, health monitoring, email notification, and customisable RAID, it's the most advanced RAID for Mac. Only $179.00 $179.00 Over $16 Total Weekender Savings
OWC Drive Dock OWC Drive Dock with Thunderbolt 2 Drive Dock is the ultimate, high-performance bare drive access tool. For creative workflows, backup, or other tasks requiring constant access to multiple drives. Only $279.99 $218.00 Over $40 Total Weekender Savings Also available with USB 3.1 only $68.75 OWC Thunderbolt Cables Select OWC Thunderbolt Cables The perfect cable for Thunderbolt-based production workflows up to 20Gb/s throughput for today and beyond. Available in Black, Red, Blue & Green. Lengths up to 30M. From $36.99 $34.75 Over $10 Total Weekender Savings Optical from $244.99
Edimax Camera Edimax HD Wireless Day & Night Camera The Edimax IC-3140W 720p wireless network camera is ideal for remote monitoring your home or business, day or night. No complicated setup required. Only $89.99 $49.75 Over $18 Total Weekender Savings OWC Mercury On-The-Go Pro OWC 1.0TB Mercury On-The-Go Pro The OWC Mercury On-The-Go provides maximum storage performance in an ultra-portable, totally bus powered design. 1.0TB 5400 RPM Capacity. Only $119.99 $59.99 Over $22 Total Weekender Savings Enclosures from $24.99
Refurbished Macs All refurbished Macs from are fully inspected and certified by our technicians to perform reliably and at peak performance. From $299.00 Shop All Macs Save $1,000.00! MacBook Pro 15" Retina Factory Sealed w/ 1yr Apple Warranty 14-Day Money-Back Return Policy 2.8GHz Quad Core i7 Processor
Dual Graphics, 16GB, 1TB Flash
Only $3,199.00 Ready for macOS Sierra 10.12
*Free Apple Download*
Used Mac
  SSD Built for Mac first, built to be the best for your exact Mac. Give the gift of a new Mac by making that current Mac faster than new!
OWC SSD Rugged and Quiet With Speeds You Won't Believe! Up to 5 Year Warranty and 30 Day No-Hassles Return – Once you experience it, there's no going back. 6G Mercury Extreme Pro up to 1.0TB from $94.99 $74.99! "... an OWC SSD is as perfect a Mac upgrade as you're apt to find ... I could believe I had purchased a new computer."
— Gene Steinberg, TechNightOwl
The Right Super Speed Upgrade for Nearly Any Mac – minis, Mac Pro, MacBooks, iMacs – Even Power Macs & PowerBooks.
240GB from $74.75 480GB from $147.99 1.0TB from $89.75 2.0TB now $829.99
SSDshootout Seeing is Believing! Our shootout videos show just the beginning on how your Mac can be "better than new" when you upgrade to an OWC SSD. Watch the OWC SSD Shootout!
maxpwr NewerTech MAXPower USB / eSATA 2x2 Host Adapter Add two USB 3.0 ports & two eSATA 6Gb/s ports. For Apple Mac Pro or Thunderbolt PCIe Chassis with Apple OS 10.8.3 or later (or PC) Only $149.99 $124.99 For Mac Pro running OS 10.6 to 10.8.2 Only $149.99 $124.99 OWC SSDs Internal SSD Upgrades for MacBook Air & Retina For ALL MacBook Air (2008 to Current) and MacBook Pro with Retina Display (2012 to Current) Up to 1.0TB
From $89.99 $86.99
OWC Accelsior OWC Accelsior E2
PCI Express SSD + 2 eSATA
expansion ports
For Mac Pro 2008-2012
Up to 960GB
From $349.00 $479.99
imackit OWC SSD/Flash Kits for Apple iMac 2010 to 2013 Complete Kits to add an SSD to your Apple iMac 2010 to 2011 Models Add / upgrade with an SSD in addition to your hard drive – using the dedicated SSD Bay. Choose Any 2.5" SSD + Kit & go! Starting from $49.99 $22.75 Complete kits with up to 1.0TB for Apple iMac 2012 to Early 2013 Models Add / upgrade with an SSD in addition to your hard drive – using the dedicated SSD Slot Now from $169.99 $49.99
shipping Free Delivery certified Expert Certified warranty Warranty Backed 14-day 14-Day Money Back
FREE Parallels Desktop for Mac ($79.95 value) with any New/Used Mac purchase $299 and up!
"Everything as expected. Came very fast. Would buy a used Mac from you again when needed. "
— Customer
MacBookRetina Apple MacBook 12" Retina (Current Model) 1.2GHz Intel Core M Processor 8GB Memory | 512GB SSD
USB-C | 1 Year Warranty
Only $1,599.00
MacBook Pro and MacBook Air in stock from
iMac Apple iMac 21.5" (Mid 2011) 2.5GHz Intel Core i5 Processor 8GB Memory | 500GB HDD
Thunderbolt | FireWire | USB
Only $1,399.00
2009 to 2013 iMac models up to 27" in stock with up to Core i7 3.4GHz
Apple Mac mini (Mid 2011) 2.3GHz Intel Core i5 Processor 4GB Memory | 500GB HDD
Thunderbolt | FireWire | USB
Only $599.00
2009 to 2014 Mac mini models in stock with up to Core i7 2.7GHz
TB Central
TB2Dock OWC Thunderbolt 2 Dock Finally, a Thunderbolt Dock done right. 12 Ports of phenomenal flexibility, all united to your Mac with just one lightning-fast Thunderbolt 2 cable. Only $249.00 $248.75 ThunderBay 4 RAID OWC ThunderBay 4 4.0TB to 40TB Dual Thunderbolt 2 | RAID Ready
Mac | 7200RPM HDD Speed
RAID Ready
From $749.99 $599.00
ThunderBay 4 mini OWC ThunderBay 4 mini 500GB to 40TB RAID-Ready Thunderbolt 2 Solution. Up to 1346MB/s Performance w/SSD. 7200RPM HDD Speed From $679.99 $629.99
8TB only $919.99 $629.75
Thunderbolt Bus-Powered HDD & SSD 1.0TB to 4.0TB HDD from $149.88
250GB to 500GB SSD from $299.99
Drive Dock
OWC Drive Dock Thunderbolt 2 & USB 3
Built-in/Internal Power Supply
Only $279.99 $218.00
USB 3.1 only $69.99
OWC Thunderbolt Cables Now from $34.99 $34.75
Thunderbolt Aware / Compatible
PCIe Cards Also Plug & Play For Mac Pro too!
From $149.99 $124.99
Dedicated Thunderbolt Adapters to FireWire 800 and eSATA From $24.75
External Drives and Enclosures Up to 8 Bays From $279.99 $218.00
OWC Mercury Elite Pro Dual 2.0TB to 20TB Thunderbolt 2 + USB 3.1 Gen 1
The next generation Mercury Elite Pro Dual with Thunderbolt 2 technology + 7200RPM HDD speed is the perfect RAID solution for creative workflows, project archives, & system backups where reliability and versatile performance count.
From $449.99 $329.99
ThunderBay 4 RAID
OWC ThunderBay 4 RAID 4.0TB to 40TB Dual Thunderbolt 2 | RAID 5
Mac | 7200RPM HDD Speed
RAID 5/Preconfigured
From $829.99 $779.00
20TB Now $1,439.99 $1,349.99!
Data Doublers Data Doubler 2nd Internal Drive Kits Swap your optical drive for a SSD or HDD in a MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac mini 2009-2010. Connect/Use 2nd Bay in Mac mini 2011 & later! More flexibility and up to 4.0TB inside from $19.75 3G SSD Data Doubler Kits 480GB only $229.00    |    1.0TB only $109.75 6G SSD Data Doubler Kits 480GB only $239.75    |    1.0TB only $399.75
iMac 2011 HDD OWC Hard Drive Upgrade Kits Now use any 3.5" HDD up to 10TB inside your Apple iMac 2009-latest currently shipping models. Kits includes all tools & in line thermal module for Apple SMC compatibility. For all 2009 to 2010 iMac models – Only $38.99 For all 2011 iMac models – Only $37.99 For all 2012 to current iMac models – Only $39.99
DIY Upgrade Bundles DIY 3G SSD Upgrade Bundles For Mac mini, MacBook, MacBook Pro
Mercury Electra SSD + Tools + Enclosure Kit!
Up to 2.0TB bundles from $45.75
3G SSD + USB 2.0 Enclosure Bundle 480GB only $215.75    |    1.0TB only $99.75 3G SSD + USB 3.0 Enclosure Bundle 1.0TB only $100.99
DIY Upgrade Bundles DIY 6G SSD Upgrade Bundles For Mac mini, MacBook, MacBook Pro
Mercury Electra SSD + Tools + Enclosure Kit!
Up to 2.0TB bundles from $52.75
6G SSD + USB 2.0 Enclosure Bundle 480GB only $227.00    6G SSD + USB 3.0 Enclosure Bundle 1.0TB only $389.85
x300 Toshiba X300 Hard Drive 3.5-Inch | SATA 6.0Gb/s
7200RPM | 128MB Cache
Only $349.99 $164.99
He8 HGST Ultrastar He8 HDD
Enterprise Class
3.5-Inch | SATA 6.0Gb/s
7200RPM | 128MB Cache
Only $799.00 $294.75
spinpoint Seagate / Samsung Momentus / Spinpoint M9T 2.5-Inch | SATA 6.0Gb/s
5400RPM | 32MB Cache
Only $149.99 $54.75
KX NuGuard KX Case Built to survive life, the KX Case for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus offers military grade, x-orbing gel protection from impacts, drops, and scratches all in a slim design. For iPhone 7 only $29.75
For 7 Plus only $14.99

For 6/6S only $21.75
For 6+/6S+ only $9.99

For 5/5S/SE only $11.25
Screen Armor NewerTech NuGuard KXs Screen Armor Versatile protection for your iDevice screen. An ultra thin protective shield delivers advanced energy x-orbing technology without affecting touch sensitivity or clarity. Available for 7, 6/6s, SE, 5/5s, & iPads from $2.75 Cabls NewerTech Premium Lightning Cables These premium lighting cables are built to last and available in multiple colors. From $17.95 $11.50
Dock Connector Apple 1M 30-pin Dock Connector to USB Cable Charge and sync your pre-lightning iPod, iPhone, or iPad with your Mac or PC. Only $19.00 $5.88 Chargers NewerTech
USB Car Chargers
Power and charge devices on the go! Single and dual port options. From $14.99 $0.88
Griffin Loop Griffin Loop Tablet Stand A clean, simple stand, weighted and shaped to hold your iPad, or just about any other tablet, upright for viewing in landscape or portrait mode, or laid back for surfing and typing. Only $29.99 $5.88
Precise iDevice Actions with
NewerTech NuScribe
2-in-1 precision-touch stylus and business-class ink pen. Great for fluid drawing, sketching, and note taking. Only $19.95 $1.98
Headphones and Earbuds We have you covered with a huge range of headphones and earbuds for your entertainment. Starting at $3.75
Apple Beats by Dr. Dre
From $37.88
camera Edimax IC-9110W HD Wi-Fi Mini Outdoor Network Camera with 139° Wide Angle View, Day & Night, featuring an outdoor network camera and an indoor Wi-Fi unit. Only $149.99 $104.99 Edimax SP-20101W Edimax Smart Plug Monitor Power Usage + Remote switch/control with Mac, PC, iOS, or Android. Conserve Energy & Save! Now $49.99 $37.99 Kensington NewerTech Security Cable with Kensington Lock A 6 foot braided-steel cable with a 4 digit security combination to give you peace of mind when your tech investments are exposed to potential theft risk. Only $19.95 $11.99
laptopacc Laptop Accessories Protect and enhance your laptop with batteries, drives, covers, and more! NewerTech NuGuard
Snap-On Covers
From $34.95 $12.75
laptop batteries NewerTech NuPower Batteries for Apple Laptops Work, watch, and play longer –
Up to 50% more capacity vs. original Apple factory batteries.
For Apple Laptops
From $57.00
Siig Siig USB 3.1 Multi-Task
HDMI Adapter Type-C / Thunderbolt / USB 3.0 / FireWire 800 / eSATA
It lets you connect your MacBook or Chromebook laptop with USB-C port to a HDMI display or TV. Full-HD 1080p resolution is supported to bring you crystal clear picture quality. Only $59.99 $39.88
D-Link Wireless AC750 Dual Band Cloud Router Next generation wireless speeds with an edge. The latest high-speed 802.11ac Wi-Fi with dual band technology and fast Ethernet ports to deliver a seamless networking experience. Only $89.99 $18.88 keypd NewerTech Wireless Aluminum Keypad Great design meets great performance in the ultimate, easy-to-pair, Bluetooth keypad that's built to last. Available in multiple colors and international configurations. Only $54.95 $49.99 OpticalDrives Optical Drives Blu-ray / DVD / CD Still a great way to share media, archive + access software you already have on DVD, CD, even Blu-ray. Add / upgrade optical capability! Plug & Play from $33.88
snuglet NewerTech Snuglet A unique, precision-manufactured ring designed to sit inside your MagSafe 2 connector to prevent your power cord from unintentional disconnections. Only $19.99 $19.88 magsafe MagSafe 45/60/85W Adapters For your Apple MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Retina. Genuine Apple unit. Replace a worn out adapter or grab a convenient spare at a great price for home, work, or on the road. From $79.00 $44.99 Power2U More Power2U, More Savings2U The Original UL Certified, In Wall AC x 2 + USB x 2 charging solution The convenient and energy-efficient solution for powering and charging USB devices. Power2U provides two traditional power outlets, plus two USB ports delivering 2.5A for fast charging. From only $29.95 $9.99!
DesktopSwitch TP-LINK TL-SF1016D Smart 16-Port Desktop Switch The TL-SF1016D Fast Ethernet Switch is designed for SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) or workgroup users. Only $32.99 $29.99 network TP-LINK TL-SG1005D 10/100/1000Mbps Unmanaged 5-Port Gigabit Desktop Switch TL-SG1005D greatly expands your network capacity, enabling instant large files transferring. Only $22.99 $19.99 rackmount TP-LINK TL-SF1016 16-Port 10/100Mb/s Rackmount Switch Energy-efficient switch with 19" rack-mountable steel case. Only $49.99 $39.75
External Drives
Elite Pr OWC Mercury Elite Pro 1.0TB to 6.0TB USB 3.0 | FireWire 800 | eSATA
7200RPM HDD Speed
From $129.99 $107.99 3.0TB from $189.99 $148.88
miniStack OWC miniStack 1.0TB to 6.0TB USB 3.1 Gen 1
7200RPM HDD Speed
From $159.99 $124.99
Qx2 OWC Elite Pro Qx2
4-Bay RAID 4.0TB to 32TB
USB 3.0 | FireWire 800 | eSATA
7200RPM HDD Speed
From $569.99 $547.50
OWC Mercury On-The-Go OWC Mercury On-The-Go Pro 500GB to 2.0TB Available options: USB 3.0 or USB 3.0 & FireWire 800 From $89.99 $74.99 External Enclosure Kits Starting from as low as just $8.75!
USB 3, FireWire, eSATA, + for 2.5", 3.5", optical – single to multiple bay solutions
Mercury Elite
OWC Memory OWC Memory is premium quality, rigorously OWC Lab Tested, and backed by a Lifetime Replacement Warranty. 16GB Kits now from $39.99 The easiest upgrade for a night vs day performance increase for demanding software like: VMWare, Parallels, Adobe, iPhoto, audio, and video apps.
iMac memory for iMacs Up to 64GB for
Latest iMac 5K!
8GB kits from $18.99 16GB kits from $35.99 32GB kits from $69.99 See All Memory for Apple iMac
MBP memory for MacBook
MacBook Pro
8GB kits from $18.99 12GB kits from $29.99 16GB kits from $35.99 See All Memory for Mac Laptops
Mac mini memory for Mac mini
8GB kits from $18.99 12GB kits from $29.99 16GB kits from $35.99 See All Memory for Mac mini
MacPr memory for Mac Pros
16GB kits from $39.99 32GB kits from $74.99 64GB kits from $129.99 See All Memory for Mac Pro
OWC Memory OWC Memory
Save even more after your upgrade when you send in / trade in your existing memory!
OWC Install Vids insalvis
The right tools righttools
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