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Special advertised savings include offers expiring on 4/17/2017!
NewerTech StoraDrive NewerTech StoraDrive
Stackable Anti-Static Drive Case
Stackable, interlocking, anti-static cases provide safe, durable drive storage for all 3.5" hard drives. Only $14.99 $9.95 Combo Bonus: Save an EXTRA $2 when you buy a NuGuard Snap-On Cover + NuGuard Keyboard Cover! Mix & Match! (select models, limit 3) Over $8 Total Combo Savings
NewerTech USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter NewerTech USB 3.0 to Gigabit
Ethernet Adapter
The easiest way to add full-bandwidth wired connectivity to computers without an ethernet port. Only $29.99 $2.99 Over $15 Total Weekender Savings
OWC Slim OWC Slim External 6X Blu-ray & CD/DVD Burner The OWC Slim is the good-looking, great value Blu-ray/CD/DVD optical drive that's indispensible in your gear bag – perfect for school, home, work, and play. Only $129.99 $99.00 Combo Bonus: Buy this Blu-Ray Burner and get $4 off up to two packs of Millenniata 4X BD-R 25GB Blu-ray Media (limit two) Over $5 Total Combo Savings OWC Drive Dock OWC Drive Dock
Thunderbolt 2 + USB 3.0
The ultimate, high-performance bare drive access tool. For any tasks requiring constant access to multiple drives, Drive Dock delivers a compact, easy solution with the exceptional performance of Thunderbolt 2 technology. Only $279.99 $218.00 Combo Bonus: Buy an OWC Drive Dock with Thunderbolt 2 and get a FREE 500GB Toshiba DT01ACA Series 7200RPM Hard Drive! (1 free HDD per Drive Dock, limit 3) Over $10 Total Combo Savings OWC Drive Dock USB 3.0 only $69.99
Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic Grab a great deal on a set of Apple Genuine EarPods with Remote and Mic. Built for comfort and fidelity, these EarPods are great on the go, at home, at school, and at work. Only $29.00 $9.99 Over $17 Total Weekender Savings Symtek TekPower Charger Symtek TekPower 2-Device Charger Car/Auto Lightning + USB port (2-Device) Charger. The TekPower Car Charger with Lightning Connector keeps your lightning device charged on the road. Only $27.99 $0.55 Over $23 Total Weekender Savings
OWC 32.0GB Dual USB Flash Drive OWC 32.0GB Dual USB Flash Drive The amazingly small flash drive with both a Micro USB and USB interface all-in-one for use on a Mac, PC, smartphone, and tablet with USB or Micro USB interfaces. Only $29.99 $8.88 Over $18 Total Weekender Savings Shop All OWC Dual USB Flash Drives Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt Buffalo 2.0TB MiniStation Thunderbolt The world's first portable external drive solution with dual Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 interfaces and 2TB capacity. Only $349.99 $219.88 Over $142 Total Weekender Savings
Apple Magic Mouse Apple Magic Mouse The most advanced mouse Apple has made features a multitouch surface for easy scrolling and gestures, and can be configured ambidextrously as a one or two button mouse. Only $69.00 $52.75 Combo Bonus: Save $7 when you buy an Apple Magic Mouse and Apple Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard (limit 3) Over $31 Total Combo Savings NewerTech Premium Lightning Cables NewerTech Premium Lightning Cables Don't just get any Lightning cable, get the premium high-quality Lightning cable that's built tough, built to last, and built for life's travels. From $14.99 $6.88 Up to $16 Total Weekender Savings
High-performance and reliability at an exceptional value. With a wide array of models to pick from, we're sure you'll find a solution that fits your needs.
Exceptional Value High-performance and reliability at an exceptional value Warranty Support Top review ratings / industry-leading warranty support Model Options Wide array of model options up to 40TB
ElitePrmini OWC Mercury Elite Pro mini 500GB to 3.0TB FireWire 800 + USB 3.0 |
USB 3.0 + eSATA |
Up to 7200RPM HDD Speed
& SSD options available
From $99.95 $59.00
Elite Pr OWC Mercury Elite Pro 1.0TB to 6.0TB USB 3.0 | FireWire 800 | eSATA
7200RPM HDD Speed
From $129.99 $107.99 3.0TB from $189.99 $148.88
ThunderBay 4 OWC ThunderBay 4 4.0TB to 40TB Dual Thunderbolt 2 | RAID Ready
Mac | 7200RPM HDD Speed
RAID Ready
From $749.99 $599.00
RAID 5/Preconfigured
From $849.99 $779.00!
TB Central
Drive Dock OWC Drive Dock Thunderbolt 2 & USB 3 Built-in/Internal Power Supply For creative workflows, backup, or other tasks requiring constant access to multiple drives, Drive Dock delivers a compact, easy solution with Thunderbolt 2 + USB 3.1 or USB 3.1 performance. Only $279.99 $218.00
USB 3.1 only $69.99
"Need for speed and I got it – can't believe how fast my MacBook Pro has got since I installed this Solid State Drive, its faster now then it was when new."
— Customer
cables OWC Thunderbolt Cables High Performance, Flexible, Built to Last! Optical 10M to 30M Options. Available colors: black, red, blue, and green. Now from $34.99 $34.75 Also available! OWC Thunderbolt 3 Cables with speeds up to 40GB/s. From $14.75 ThunderBay 4 mini OWC ThunderBay 4 mini 500GB to 40TB RAID-Ready Thunderbolt 2 Solution. Up to 1346MB/s Performance w/SSD. 7200RPM HDD Speed From $679.99 $629.99
8TB only $919.90 $629.75
TB2Dock OWC Thunderbolt 2 Dock 12 Ports of phenomenal flexibility, all united to your Mac with just one lightning-fast Thunderbolt 2 cable. Only $249.00 $248.75
OWC SSDs Incredibly fast startup. Applications and files load in at the blink of an eye.
Makes new or older Macs perform faster than new.
30-day 30-Day Money
Back Guarantee
quality SSDs For Every Mac Going Back 10+ Years installvideos Free Install Videos shipping Free Shipping
on all SSDs
Seeing is Believing! SSD vs. HDD Boot Test
From OFF to Booted with Adobe Creative Suite LOADED!
Our shootout videos show just the beginning on how your Mac can be "better than new" when you upgrade to an OWC SSD. Watch the OWC SSD Shootout ›
"Fast shipping and superb video installation instructions. This was my first SSD installation and I couldn't imagine it going any smoother. Highly recommended."
— Customer
OWC Mercury Electra 6G SSD Best for 2006 to 2012 MacBook Pro, 2006 to Late-2008 MacBooks, Mid-2007 to Late 2012 Mac mini, & Mid-2010 to Late 2013 iMac models. 120GB to 1.0TB starting at $22.75
OWC Mercury Electra 3G SSD Optimized to provide the best performance for MacBook Pro 2006 to 2012, MacBook 2006 to Mid-2010, Mac mini Early 2006 to Late 2012, & Mac Pro 2006 to Mid-2012. 120GB to 1.0TB starting at $14.75
OWC Aura SSD Kits for MacBook Air 11 and 13 inch (2010 to Current) Up to 5.1x Faster, Up to 16x More Capacity vs. Stock 120GB to 1.0TB starting at $109.99
OWC Aura SSD Kits for MacBook Pro w/ Retina 13 and 15 inch (2012 to Mid-2016) Up to 5.8x Faster, Up to 8x More Capacity vs. Stock 240GB to 1.0TB starting at $199.75
OWC Memory OWC Memory is premium quality, rigorously OWC Lab Tested, and backed by a Lifetime Replacement Warranty.
"These modules are really fast, increased performance. Easy installation, recommended product."
— Customer
Exclusively for iMac 2015 & Later 27" 5K Up to 64GB Total with OWC Memory Add 16GB for only $38.99
32GB Kit from $76.99
Can an iMac beat a Mac Pro?
See our iMac 5K & Mac Pro Rig shootout results!
MacBook For iMac models G3 to current 512MB to 32GB for all iMacs 17", 20", 21.5", 24", & 27" 16GB Kit from $34.99
32GB Kit from $69.99
MacBook models
For MacBook & MacBook Pro 2006 to current 512MB to 16GB 8GB Kit from $19.99
16GB Kit from $34.99
For Mac mini 2005 to current 512MB to 16GB 8GB Kit from $19.99
16GB Kit from $34.99
Mac Pro For Mac Pro 2006 to current 2GB to 128GB Add 8GB from $19.99
Add 32GB from $74.99!
legacy Legacy Memory for Mac From Power Macs to PowerBooks Add 4GB for Power Mac G5
From $28.99
1GB for PowerBook G4
From $6.99
OWC Memory Experience the NewerTech Difference! Their video adapters are designed to the highest standards with exceptional shielding and superior thicker cabling.
USBVDA NewerTech USB Video Display Adapter USB 3.0/2.0 to DVI, VGA, HDMI Expand your workstation's visual real estate with the NewerTech USB 3.0 to DVI Video Adapter. It's the easiest way to connect DVI, HDMI, and VGA displays, projectors, and HD televisions to your Mac or PC through your USB 3.0 or 2.0 port. Only $64.99 $42.75
"Made second monitor possible."
— Customer
Accelerator NewerTech HDMI Headless Video Accelerator Ultra-compact, low-profile design that lets you remotely access your Mac or PC with native display support. Use the full power of the graphics processor without needing a display. Only $24.99 $12.99 NewerTech Mini DisplayPort Adapters Expand your visual real estate and add additional monitors, projectors and other AV outputs. Find the right adapter for your computer at a great price. From $24.99 $9.95 cable NewerTech HDMI Cables Get incredible audio and video resolution with NewerTech's high-speed, Ethernet enabled HDMI cable. 3' to 15' From $9.95 $4.99
Apple Keyboard Apple Wireless Keyboard The completely cable-free Apple Wireless Keyboard connects using Bluetooth for up to 30 feet of range and freedom. Apple genuine unit – used, in very good condition. Only $69.00 $49.00 Hub Tripp Lite 7-Port
USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Hub
Connect up to 7 USB devices to a single USB port on your computer. Optional bus-powered for mobile use! Only $39.99 $31.99
HGST HGST 6.0TB Ultrastar™ 7K6000 Enterprise Class Colossal capacity and 7200 RPM performance built for enterprise environments Only $549.00 $287.99
Outlet Belkin 7-Outlet Surge Protector With 6' Power Cord + Connection, Cable, & Satellite Protection. Safeguard your personal computer, home theater equipment, appliances and other hard to replace items. Only $29.95 $10.98 Seagate Seagate 2.0TB BarraCuda Hard Disk Drive 3.5-Inch | SATA 6.0Gb/s
7200RPM | 64MB Cache
Only $82.99
magsafe MagSafe 45/60/85W Adapters For your Apple MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Retina. Genuine Apple unit. Replace a worn out adapter or grab a convenient spare at a great price for home, work, or on the road. From $79.00 $39.99
toshiba Toshiba 5.0TB X300 HDD 3.5-Inch | SATA 6.0Gb/s
7200RPM | 128MB Cache
Only $234.99 $119.99
lacie LaCie 3.0TB d2 Quadra
The ideal tool for creative professionals who need both fast speeds and large storage capacity. Only $314.99 $179.99
GUM Just Mobile Gum
Portable USB Power
Charge your USB devices on the go! Portable and fast charging with up to 2.5A output. From $79.95 $68.00
USB-C Dock OWC USB-C Dock Power your laptop, charge devices, connection fast external drives and USB accessories, add a 4K display, and more – all with a single USB-C cable. 10 ports total Only $179.95 $89.75 dlink DLink 802.11AC Wireless Cloud Router High-Performance/Great Range. Built in Ethernet Switch, USB Port for External Drive. 802.11A/B/C/N Compatible. Now only $89.99 $18.88! toshiba Toshiba 4.0TB X300 HDD 3.5-Inch | SATA 6.0Gb/s
7200RPM | 128MB Cache
Only $219.99 $129.99
toshiba Toshiba 4.0TB MD04ACA Series SATA Interface HDD 3.5-Inch | SATA 6.0Gb/s
7200RPM | 128MB Cache
Only $199.99 $129.99
Kensington KeyFolio Kensington KeyFolio Exact Stylish protection in an ultra-thin folio with a full-size, 6 row, keyboard. Only $39.99 $9.88 mount Vantage Point Tilt Wall Mount For 34" to 50" Displays | VESA Monitor Mount | Tilt Wall Mount | Up to 180lb Capacity Only $149.99 $4.74
usedmacs If you're in the market for a Mac, a used Mac from is the smart alternative to buying new. You get a high-performance, fully inspected, tested and certified Mac at a fraction of the price of a new machine. From
usedmacs usedmacs
FREE Parallels Desktop ($79.95 value) with any New/Used Mac $299 and up!
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