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OWC Drive Dock OWC Drive Dock The pro-grade bare drive access tool. High-performance, hot-swappable, dual-bay drive dock with both Thunderbolt 2 + USB 3.1 Gen 1 interfaces, and support for all 2.5" & 3.5" SATA drives. Only $279.99 $218.00 After Savings COMBO: Save an extra $10 per drive on up to 6 select Toshiba 2TB to 6TB HDDs with this Dock Over $40 Total Weekender Savings Icy Dock Enclosure Icy Dock Dual Bay RAID Enclosure ICYRaid features a built-in hardware RAID controller, heavy-duty aluminum case, quiet cooling fan and removable HDD, making it perfect solution for storage-intensive applications. Only $129.99 $109.75 Over $20 Total Weekender Savings
Kensington Wrist Rest Kensington Versatile Wrist Rest Support & comfort go hand in hand. The Kensington Versatile Wrist Rest for Keyboard's modular design can be configured to put the comfort where you need it most. Only $18.95 $5.95 Over $15 Total Weekender Savings NewerTech NuMount NewerTech NuMount Pivot Desk Mount More options to mount your Mac. The flexible mount gives freedom of positioning for iMac and Apple displays. Only $149.00 $89.75 Over $51 Total Weekender Savings
Apple EarPods Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic Grab a great deal on a set of Apple Genuine EarPods. Built with both comfort and fidelity in mind, they’re great on the go, at home, school, or work. Only $29.00 $9.99 Over $19 Total Weekender Savings Seagate Enclosure Seagate Expansion Bare Enclosure The sleek diamond-patterned case design allows for a thin portable hard drive with up to 2TB of capacity Only $29.95 $8.75 Over $28 Total Weekender Savings
Matias Keyboard Matias Wireless Aluminum Keyboard The premier wireless keyboard for Mac. Fully featured with up to 1 year battery life. Only $99.99 $99.00 Over $6 Total Weekender Savings Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt The world's first portable external drive solution with dual Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 interfaces and 1TB capacity. Only $269.99 $149.88 Over $122 Total Weekender Savings
NewerTech miniStack Classic NewerTech miniStack Classic Multi-interface storage & connectivity solutions designed as the perfect companion to Mac mini. From $64.99 $49.99 Over $21 Total Weekender Savings Avlex Headphones Avlex HD-681 Superlux Headphones Professional headphones featuring premium quality audio components and a semi-open design are perfect for studio monitoring applications. Only $49.95 $29.99 $26 Total Weekender Savings
Toshiba Flash Drive Toshiba 16GB TransMemory White USB 2.0 Flash Drive – safe, reliable, efficient. Only $17.99 $7.99 Over $11 Total Weekender Savings Creative Live! Cam Synd HD Creative Live! Cam Sync HD Sharp, smooth HD video, with a built-in noise canceling microphone, surveillance and monitoring software included and one click upload to Facebook and YouTube. Only $39.99 $32.99 Over $15 Total Weekender Savings
Refurbished Macs All refurbished Macs from MacSales.com are fully inspected and certified by OWC technicians to perform reliably and at peak performance. From $299.00 Shop All Macs Savings up to $1,380 iMac 27" Retina 5K With Apple 1 Year Warranty Extend to 3 years with AppleCare FAST 3.5GHz Quad-Core i5 Nicely Equipped with 8GB RAM Only $2,499 Loaded with 24GB RAM Only $2,999 Speed, Beauty & Savings! iMac 27 Retina 5K
  Thunderbolt 2 Dock
Thunderbolt 2 Dock The Thunderbolt 2 Dock keeps you connected, whether you're adding USB 3.0 to an older Mac, Gigabit Ethernet to a newer MacBook Pro, or ensuring backwards compatibility with your existing FireWire 800 peripherals. • 12 Ports of Incredible Connectivity
• Daisy-Chain Support
• Supports 4K resolutions
• Free Shipping
Expand Your Connectivity - Features: (5) USB 3.0 ports, (2) Thunderbolt 2 ports, (1) FireWire 800 port, (1) HDMI port, (1) Gigabit Ethernet port, (1) audio jack, and (1) headphone jack. Now $249.00 $248.75
"OWC's Thunderbolt 2 Dock puts all other docks to shame."
— Derek Kessler, iMore.com & Managing Editor of Mobile Nations
cables OWC Thunderbolt Cables High Performance, Flexible, Built to Last! Optical 10M to 30M Options. Optical 10M to 30M Options. From $34.99 $34.75 ThunderBay 4 mini OWC ThunderBay 4 mini RAID-Ready Thunderbolt 2 Solution. Up to 1346MB/s Performance w/SSD. Up to 8.0TB
From $394.99 $294.75
Thunderbolt Dual OWC Mercury Elite Pro Dual Dual Drives | Thunderbolt x 2 + USB 3 plug & play Preconfigured RAID 0 for performance up to 442MB/s, this solution also supports use of a RAID 1 Mirror (for real time data redundancy) and JBOD needs as well. Now up to 12TB 7200RPM from $294.99 $228.75
USB-C Dock Power your laptop, charge devices, connection fast external drives and USB accessories, add a 4K display, and more -- all with a single USB-C cable. 10 Total Ports: 4 USB 3 Type-A ports, 1 USB 3 Type-C port, SD card reader, HDMI with 4K display support, gigabit ethernet, audio in and out ports. Includes 80W power adapter and 18 inch USB Type-C cable. Only $179.95 $89.75 Get Yours Today › Award-winning
"... nothing out there matches it in port options... the perfect companion to a new MacBook..."
— Mitchel Broussard, MacRumors
memory OWC Memory OWC Memory, made for Mac first, delivers a total system performance boost. All OWC Memory is rigorously lab tested before shipping in the machine it's designed for, meaning maximum compatibility, speed, and reliability in your Mac. memory Check out our easy online memory finder to get the right OWC upgrade for your Mac. 16GB Kits from $39.99 ›
"... it was shocking how much faster the system brought up the OS."
— Jeffrey Powers, Geekazine
For iMac models G3 to current 512MB to 32GB for all iMacs 17", 20", 21.5", 24", & 27" 16GB Kit from $39.99
32GB Kit from $68.99
Exclusively for iMac 2015 & Later 27" 5K Up to 64GB Total with OWC Memory Add 16GB for only $38.99
32GB Kit from $76.99
Can an iMac beat a Mac Pro? Yes!
MacBook models For MacBook & MacBook Pro 2006 to current 512MB to 16GB 8GB Kit from $20.49 Mac Pro For Mac Pro 2006 to current 2GB to 128GB Add 8GB from $19.99
Add 32GB from $74.99!
Macmini For Mac mini 2005 to current 512MB to 16GB 8GB Kit from $20.49
Data Doubler 2nd Internal Drive Kits. More Flexibility and up to 4.0TB inside! Swap your Optical Drive for an SSD or HDD in MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac mini 2009-2010. Connect/Use 2nd Bay in Mac mini 2011 & Later! Complete kits with tools
From $19.75
DIY Upgrade Bundles for Mac mini, MacBook, MacBook Pro Drive + Tools + Enclosure Kit! Upgrade, Install, Transfer with Ease Up to 2.0TB Kits
From $45.75
Conversion Brackets for Hard Drives & SSDs Find the right bracket for your drive. Tool kits available for easy upgrades and installs. From $8.75
External Storage From ultra-portable SSDs to high-capacity rack-mount storage, OWC makes high-performance external drives perfect for every project. Including yours. OWC Mercury On-The-Go Pro USB 3.0 + FireWire 800 / USB 3.0 Get maximum storage in minimum space with a 2.5” hard drive or SSD enclosed in a sleek, super-quiet, impact-resistant acrylic enclosure that weighs less than 11 ounces. 500GB to 2.0TB from $89.99 $74.99 *Mac and PC compatible with 3 Year OWC Solution Limited Warranty Power2U
"...fast ...speed cuts down working time and waiting time. ...it's hard to find any fault..."
— Marshall Rosenthal, GadgetReview
ElitePrmini OWC Mercury Elite Pro mini 500GB to 3.0TB FireWire 800 + USB 3.0 /
USB 3.0 + eSATA
From $99.95 $59.00
Elite Pr OWC Mercury Elite Pro 500GB to 6.0TB USB 3.0 / FireWire 800 / eSATA From $114.99 $77.50 3.0TB 7200RPM from $148.88 envoyprmini OWC Envoy Pro miniUp to 480GB Full-sized, fast SSD storage that fits in your pocket. From $117.99 $64.75
SSD Speed OWC Builds high-performance SSD upgrades for nearly every Mac, going back 20 years, Performance, capacity & reliability made for Mac first with easy online installation guides. OWC SSDs deliver the perfect upgrade for you and your Mac.
30-day 30-Day Money
Back Guarantee
quality Quality You
Can Trust
installvideos Free Install Videos shipping Free Shipping
on all SSDs
SSDs OWC SSDs Most MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac mini, and Mac Pro models are easy to upgrade to a high-performance OWC SSD. OWC Mercury SSDs OWC Electra 3G SSDs are built to tap the maximum performance from 2010 and earlier Macs while OWC 6G SSDs enable peak performance from 2011 and later models.
speed Need more speed?
OWC SSDs up to 100x+ faster vs. the drive you may have now!
Options up to 2.0TB from $36.99
480GB from only $147.99
Make Your Mac Like New ›
"Offers eye-popping speed, as well as the peace of mind of consistent performance over time."
— James Galbraith, Macworld
AuraSSD Up to 16x the original factory capacity on all 2010 to current MacBook Air & MacBook Pro with Retina? Yes you can — and MacSales.com makes it easy!
16x Running out of space?
Up to 16x the capacity of the original drive
Options up to 1.0TB from $86.99
NEW! 240GB options for current
MacBook Pro w/ Retina from $169.00
Go Bigger Now ›
"With the new 1TB Aura SSD, I've got plenty of breathing room for years to come."
— Lucas Mearian, Computerworld
HardDrives Increase capacity and improve performance – upgrade to a fast, quiet, high-capacity internal drive. Internal Drive Convert the original drive to external storage for easy data transfer and backup! Upgrade Now › Internal Drive
Toshiba Toshiba 4.0TB 3.5"
7200RPM X300 HDD
Professional performance internal hdd featuring low power consumption and an advanced, intelligent SATA interface. SATA 6.0Gb/s, 128MB cache, 2 year warranty. Only $219.99 $129.99
Seagate Most Popular HD+SSD Hybrid Seagate 2.0TB | 3.5-inch | SATA 6.0Gb/s | 7200RPM | 64MB cache Only $129.99 HGST Most Popular 2.5" HGST 1.0TB | 2.5-inch | SATA 6.0Gb/s | 7200RPM | 32MB cache Only $179.95 $89.99
Earbuds Uniden Stereo Earbuds Featuring a noise reducing design, these great value earbuds are priced to make the perfect spare set… or two sets. Only $19.99 $0.95 Dual USB Charger NewerTech Dual Port USB Car Charger Power and charge your devices on the go. Simply plug into your vehicle's 12V power outlet and you're ready to charge multiple high-powered USB devices. From $19.99 $6.98 Cabls NewerTech Premium Lightning Cables Don't just get any Lightning cable, get the premium high-quality Lightning cable that's built tough, built to last, and built for life's travels. From 0.5M to 2M Cables
$17.95 $11.50
iMac5k Apple 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K display Apple factory refurbished, late 2014 model with 24GB Memory, 1.0TB Fusion Drive & 3.5GHz Intel Core i5 Processor. Only $2,499.00 View All Used iMac models Macmini Apple Mac mini Apple factory refurbished, mid 2011 model with 16GB Memory, 980GB Storage & 2.3GHz Intel Core i5 Processor. Only $1,119.00 View All Used Mac mini models OWC Mercury Pro The all-new 24X DVD, 48X CD desktop optical. With a sleek aluminum chassis, and USB 3.0 interface, Mercury Pro delivers reliable performance and great looks. Only $99.00 $79.00
Gaming Keyboards Get ahead of the opposition with our range of high-performance keyboards for hardcore and enthusiast gamers alike. From $39.99 $31.75 mice Gaming Mice Accuracy and speed is paramount when every move means the difference between glorious victory and bitter defeat. Get an advantage with a gaming mouse at a killer price From $64.99 headsets Gaming Headsets Relish in victory, communicate with your strike team, or your gaming buddies across the world. Get a premium-sound headset to take your gaming to the next level. From $59.99 $28.00
magsafe Apple MagSafe Apple Genuine Unit. Replace an old or damaged MagSafe adapter, or grab a spare for the home or office. Only $79.00 $32.75 toolkit NewerTech 14-Piece Toolkit Ideal for the technician on the go, this kit includes all the tools necessary to open the majority of laptop computers and small electronics, in a rugged woven nylon case. Only $19.95 $18.99 clens Bausch + Lomb Clens Cleaning System Streak-free cleaning for multi-touch displays. The unique Clens system is formulated to safely clean the display on all of your electronic products. Only $19.95 $1.75
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