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Fast Ship Out & Delivery and Free on Qualifying Orders starting at $49 & up! OWC Blog: Info, tricks, news, deals + insights     OWC Radio2.0: #30 Adobe Systems Terry White OWCsuperBlast Don't miss these Featured Few – Good while supplies last or Sunday 2/15!
Elgato Thunderbolt Dock More Docks =
More Savings for you!
Elgato Thunderbolt Dock
2 x ThB, 3 x USB3, GigE, HDMI, Audio Like BRAND NEW 'Refurbs'
Now $249.95 Only $128.00!
Full 1 Year Elgato Warranty! Thunderbolt Cable
*INCLUDED* – $30 Value!
Logitech Plug & Play Wireless
Over AC Logitech PowerLine 200a
Connect Devices, Reach Difficult Spots Easy 200Mb/s Wireless $139.99 NOW $28.00! *Bonus Savings*
Only $25.00 on 2 or More!
80% Savings through 2/15/2015
SoftRAID SoftRAID v5 for Mac Intelligent health monitoring of all drives, email notifications, create multiple RAID 0/1/4/5/10 volumes across drive sets, & fully bootable! The Best RAID Solution
for Mac OS X!
$179.00 Now only $179.00!
16GB Kit for Mac Pro 2009-2012 models 4 x 4GB ECC-Registered Take Your Mac Pro 4/6 Core to 16GB Use 2 Kits to take 8/12 Core to 32GB! Now only $219.96 $38.99! 175W Car/Auto to AC Power your Apple Laptop Magsafe, other AC devices while On the Road! Also provides USB Power/Charge Port! Save over 80% - now $59.95 only $12.88 OWC ThunderBay 4 mini 0GB Kit Mix/Match/Add up to 4 x 2.5" HDD or SSD Thunderbolt 2 ports x 2 RAID-Ready - Data Rates over 1300MB/s! Big Speed, Small Footprint $399.00 now just $294.75
OWC Memory Upgrades Make Your Mac Faster With OWC Memory & Fall in Love Again The right memory, with Lifetime Warranty, for your MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, iMac, & Mac Pro! 8GB now from only $19.99; 16GB from $37.99
OWC Memory Up to 32GB for yourApple iMac 16GB now from $37.99 Free Shipping OWC Memory Up to 16GB for yourApple Mac mini 8GB now from $19.99 Free Shipping OWC Memory Up to 16GB for yourApple MacBook & MacBookPro 8GB now from $19.99 Free Shipping
MacPros MacProMemory Save today on certified OWC memory upgrades up to 128GB. Up to 32GB in MacPro 2006–2007; Up to 64GB in MacPro 2008;
Up to 128GB in MacPro 2009–current including the latest MacPro
8.0GB from $19.99 16.0GB from $39.99 32GB from $74.99 Most Popular: 64GB from $129.99
OWCmemory See what our Customers have to say!
Literally millions of gigabytes of OWC memory have made Macs faster – The right OWC memory upgrade can make your Mac faster too! Pre-Owned Mac Savings
Huge selection! Many new listings just added including Apple 15" Retina i7s! OWCUsedMacs UsedMacs
Used Macs as low as $149.00! Mac Pro 2009-2012 models from $649.00!
Macmini Mac mini MacBookAir MacBook Air iMac iMac MacBook MacBook MacPro Mac Pro
Accelsior_E2 OWC Mercury Accelsior_E2 PCI Express SSD Pro Performance internal SSD upgrade. Perfect for demanding creative workflows. 120GB to 960GB from $199.00 480GB only $149.75! Incredible sustained performance that transforms any 2008 to 2012 MacPro! Sapphire HD Sapphire HD 7950 Graphics Card Mac Edition video card supercharges Photoshop, GPU based tasks, and more! Up to 7x faster vs GT120 standard in most 2009 MacPro models Up to 1.9x faster vs 5770 standard in most 2010/2012 MacPro models Only $464.75!
Get the Right OWC SSD for Your Mac! Our Easy Online Guide takes the guesswork out! OWCssdAdvantage
120GB from $14.75 240GB from $128.75 480GB from $49.75 60GB-1.0TB from $36.99
OWC SSD Computers Find the right SSD for your Mac! Laptop Accessories The #1 choice of OWC customers who want to seamlessly run Windows and Mac applications side-by-side, without rebooting or compromising performance.
Parallels Desktop 10
Parallels Desktop 10 with Memory Parallels Desktop 10 with SSDs Parallels Desktop 10 with Optical Drive
iMac Upgrade Kits iMac Upgrade Kits Complete upgrade kits to add an OWC SSD or upgrade the HDD up to 6.0TB with full system diagnostic and thermal monitoring compatibility. Get more from your 2009 - 2014 iMac. Kits from $22.75
Data Doublers Data Doubler Kits Everything you need to upgrade to a bigger internal drive or a second drive. Get up to 4.0TB for MacBook, MacBookPro, & Mac mini 2009-current Complete Kits w/Tools from $19.75 DIY Kits OWC DIY Upgrade Kits DIY Kits From $62.00 $47.00 Complete 1.0TB Kits from $71.75 Brackets Conversion Brackets for Hard Drives & SSDs Find the right bracket for your drive. Tool Kits available for easy upgrades and installs. From $14.25
Hard Drives MacBook, MacBookPro, & Mac mini HDD Specials 500GB 7200RPM only $42.75 1.0TB 5400RPM only $49.99 1.0TB 7200RPM only $89.99 2.0TB Highest Cap! $54.75 Hard Drives Demand Performance 3.5" FAST 7200RPM HDD Specials 1.0TB 7200RPM only $41.50 2.0TB 7200RPM only $69.75 3.0TB 7200RPM only $89.99 4.0TB 7200RPM only $129.99 5.0TB 7200RPM only $139.99 Thunderbolt OWC Optical Drives Adding an external or internal optical drive for Blu-ray, CD, and DVD is easy as pie with OWC! Install software, watch videos, archive data and more! Upgrade / Plug & Play From $24.99
NewerTech NuGuard KX NewerTech NuGuard KX Cases for iPhone Cases for iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 5/5S, iPhone 5C, and iPhone 4/4S From $49.99 $1.75 Screen Armor NewerTech
KXs Screen Armor
Screen Armor From $19.99 $2.25!
NewerTech NuGuard KX KX Case for iPad mini Only $59.99 $7.88 KX Case for iPad Air Only $79.99 $19.75
Premium Lightning Cables NewerTech Lightning Cables
Premium Cables 0.5M – 3.0M 5 Year Warranty From $17.95 $11.50 High-Quality Cables 1.0M – 2.0M 1 Year Warranty From $14.99 $6.88
Made for iDevices
High Quality Lightening Cables
Essential Accessories Essential Accessories
Apple MagSafe MagSafe & MagSafe 2 Genuine Adapters For your Apple MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBookPro, and Retina 45W / 60W / 85W
New from $79 $44.99
Snuglet Snuglet for MagSafe 2 The NewerTech Snuglet helps prevent accidental MagSafe 2 disconnection. Includes 2 Snuglets + 1 Removal Tool. Only $19.00 $19.88 Apple AC to USB Adapter Apple AC to USB Adapter Rapid charging, auto-switching fully compatible for charging iPads, iPhones, iPods, and other USB powered/chargeable devices. Only $19.00 $14.88 Limit 5 per Customer
Power2U NewerTech Power2U The in-wall solution for power and charging USB devices. As low as $29.95 $9.75
Save 30%!
CyberPower 175W Mobile Power Inverter CyberPower Auto to AC Charge multiple devices while on the road with the 175W AC Inverter that converts your car's 12V power outlet into two 120V AC outlets and a USB power port. Only $59.95 $12.88 USBcharger USB Charging on the Road Charge your iPhones/iPods, even iPads fast with any of these NewerTech Auto 12V to USB chargers. Sleek, efficient, and fast charging. USB x 1 charging only $0.88
USB x 2 charging only $6.98
NewerTech USB Display Adapter Add Up to 4 Displays to Any Mac! Via USB with the NewerTech USB Display Adapter. Only $59.99! via mini-DVI Connect Displays
via Mini-DVI
With NewerTech Mini-DVI to DVI, HDMI, and VGA cables From $12.99
via Mini DisplayPort DVI, HDMI, VGA to Mini DisplayPort & Thunderbolt Adapters Connect displays with the right high-quality adapter! Shielded by newertech From $9.95
via HDMI Quality HDMI 1.4A for TV & Displays Need cables? Find HDMI and wireless cables from 3ft up to 14ft. From $4.99 Microfiber NewerTech
Microfiber Wipe
Microfiber For $1.99 Microfiber
NewerTech 14-Piece Toolkit NewerTech 14-Piece
Portable Toolkit
Ideal for the technician on the go.
$19.95 only $18.99
Need more "spudgers"?
A 2-piece set is only $.99
Thunderbolt2Dock Thunderbolt 2 Dock 2 x Thunderbolt 2 ports • 5 x USB 3.0 • FireWire 800 • GigEthernet • HDMI 1.4 • Audio In & Out Works with any Thunderbolt or Thunderbolt 2 equipped Mac Features dual Thunderbolt 2 ports for Daisy-Chaining only $249.00 Learn More:  
Save on an Elgato Thunderbolt Dock with Thunderbolt Cable USB 3.0 – Giagabit Ethernet – HDMI – Audio Only $127.50 Elgato Thunderbolt Dock
Thunderbolt Hard Drives Thunderbolt Bus-Powered HDD & SSD 1.0TB to 2.0TB HDD from $149.88
250GB to 512GB SSD from $299.99
Buffalo Thunderbolt SSD mini Duals Buffalo Thunderbolt SSD mini Duals
Huge DUAL SSD Performance up to 1.0TB
Super Savings from $219.00 –
Up to 55% OFF!
Thunderbolt Cables 0.5M and
up to 30 Meters (100 Feet!)
From $34.75
OWC Mercury Helios 1
PCIe Thunderbolt 2 Chassis
Only $219.99
Dedicated Thunderbolt Adapters to FireWire 800 and eSATA From $31.79 External Drives and Enclosures
up to 8 Bays
From $149.88
ElitePro Dual-Drive Thunderbolt RAID Sustained Data Rates up to 389MB/s!
Fast, Flexible RAID 0 / 1 / SPAN / Independent!
Up to 12.0TB from $228.75
ElitePro Dual Thunderbolt
Laptop Accessories Laptop Accessories Enhance your laptop with batteries, drives, covers, etc. NewerTech NuGuard
Snap-On Laptop Covers
From $39.95 $7.75
Software Over 70 Software Titles For Your Mac Create, be entertained, maintain and more! Prosoft Data Rescue 4
DIY Hard Drive Recovery Software
Only $114.00 $79.75
External Drives and Enclosures
On-The-Go Pro OTG USB 3.0 & FireWire 800 | USB 3.0 Up to 2.0TB from $74.99 Guardian MAXimus NewerTech Guardian MAXimus USB 3.0 / FireWire 800 / eSATA Multi-Interface Hardware RAID-1 (Mirrored) Data Redundant Solution From $239.99 $159.00 miniStack NewerTech miniStack Maximum storage with a mini footprint. USB 3.0 / FireWire 800 / eSATA options miniStackClassic from $49.99 miniStack from $87.99 miniStack MAX from $149.00
OWC Install Videos
OWC's Installation Guides Step-by-step, professional videos show how easy installing memory, hard drives, optical drives, batteries, and more can be. Upgrade/Install/Replace – enhance with confidence!
Check out the OWC Videos for your Apple Mac/Device.
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