Style vs. Expansion

By Jamie Dresser


I would like to start this off by saying THANK YOU to one of OWC's salespeople, Chris Roberts, Chris was gracious enough to allow me to play with his brand new iMac 700 the day he received it - and even performed a couple of tests on it at home for me to round out the benchmarks. Thank you Chris!

The new iMac systems are absolutely fantastic creations - so much power in such a small footprint is truly amazing. But how do they compare to one of my favorite systems, an upgraded Sawtooth G4? Let's see how they do in a head to head test. Many of these scores were already obtained in dedicated testing in last week's review of the PowerLogix G4/1GHz upgrade for the Sawtooth G4. View that previous article by clicking HERE.

All testing was performed with Mac OS X 10.1.5 and Mac OS 9.2.2 - all system updates current as of 8/21/02. Millions of colors and 1024x768 resolution was used except where noted. Both systems had 256MB of memory installed in them.