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How to create .iso files from your already duplicated DVDs (or not copy protected DVDs) for use with the AL Tech MediaGate MG-35 drive.

(for duplicating copy protected DVD instructions, visit this page)

Insert your ALREADY DECRYPTED DVD into your DVD drive and open Disk Utility (Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility). Once it's open, select the DVD you just inserted and click on it in the list to the left as shown above.

Once the DVD you want to copy is highlighted, go to the file menu and select "New Disk Image from Disk x" (x is a variable depending on your computer - just be sure you have selected the DVD you want to create an ISO from in the list correctly in the first step.

The Convert Image dialog box will pop up. Under Image Format, choose "DVD/CD master" Click Save

The progress box will pop up showing the status.

Once the image has completed, locate the file on your computer and click on it. Press Command - I (Get Info) and the info box above will appear. Under "Name & Extension", change the file extension to .iso - yes, that's it - change it. .cdr IS an ISO format!

Mac OS X will confirm that you want to do this change. You most certainly do want to. :>)