Universal Drive Adapter: Drive Click Sound

Created on: May 7, 2013
Last updated: April 1, 2016

If you connect only the power and the Universal Drive Adapter (UDA) to your drive without also connecting the USB cable to your computer, the drive will make a click sound. The drive is looking for a data signal to spin up. Once you connect the UDA to a computer you should hear the drive spin up and mount within approximately 30 seconds; this can vary by computer type. If the drive is still clicking check the OS X System Profiler (or a Windows system profiling tool) to see if the UDA is being recognize over the USB connection. If not you may want to restart.

Remember: do not connect the adapter via USB keyboard; it will not provide sufficent power for this device. Use a native USB port on the Mac or PC. If the drive continues to click, disconnect the UDA's USB connection, wait 5 seconds and reconnect it. Wait 30 seconds to hear if the drive spins up. If you still have trouble at this point please contact Technical Support.