Qx2 (All): Device Not Shown in Windows (My Computer)

Created on: May 19, 2013
Last updated: May 12, 2017

Newly Purchased Qx2:

If your PC recognizes the Qx2 is connected but the device does not appear within My Computer,  you need to format the factory-built disk array. Please be sure to select a drive letter during the formatting process. Formatting tips for different Windows operating systems can be found at www.owcdigital.com/format.


Existing Qx2 (Mixed Platform Use):

When you use a Qx2 in Windows, the system will expect to see a letter assigned to each disk (either one for each independent disk or one per RAID). However, Qx2 disk(s) formatted on Mac are not assigned a letter. If you use both Macs and PCs, this has the potential to cause confusion about the status of the drive(s), and data loss if the Qx2 is then mistakenly re-formatted.

It is important that you assign a letter to any Mac-formatted disks when connecting the Qx2 to a Windows system, in order to avoid potential confusion and subsequent data loss.