Qx2 (All): Fastest Mode for Video Editing

Created on: May 19, 2013
Last updated: August 25, 2015

Video editing is a high bandwidth workflow; speed is very important. Therefore, setting up the Qx2 as a RAID 0 "Stripe" with either two or four drives, is likely to be the most useful configuration for a video workflow. Using other RAID levels when capturing can would increase the chances for dropped frames. 

IMPORTANT: make sure you have a separate backup if you decide to use your Qx2 in RAID 0 mode. Using the Qx2 as a RAID 0 provides no data safety or redundancy! If one of the drives in the RAID 0 array fails and you do not have a separate backup of the video data on the Qx2, all of that data will be lost.


Why Not RAID 5?

When capturing video, consistency and speed are required to avoid dropped frames. While RAID 5 arrays connected via USB 3.0 or eSATA can hit speeds between 200-250 MB/s during transfer, this doesn't tell the full story. During the sustained transfer, parity checking occurs. When this happens it can cause the transfer rates to temporarily slow down for a very short period of time. This doesn't show up in the overall benchmarking, but when it happens it can cause video frames to drop. This is why striping (RAID 0) is recommended as there is no parity checking happening in the background and the transfer rates stay consistent throughout.