DiscLabel: Common Questions

Created on: May 11, 2013
Last updated: August 25, 2015

1. Why doesn't DiscLabel work with my Firewire connection? 

The Lightscribe drivers do not allow for Lightscribe functionality via firewire or eSATA. You MUST use an USB connection when trying to burn the image on the Lightscribe side of the disc. You can use any connection when burning on the data side of the disc.


2. Why is the word "Demo" appearing on my disc labels?

If your Mac has a version of DiscLabel installed that is later than v5.2.1, and DiscLabel puts "Demo" on your label, follow the instructions below:

1. Move the following DiscLabel folder to the Trash: MacintoshHD > Library > Application Support > DiscLabel.

2. Now open your 'Applications' folder and drag/move DiscLabel to the Trash.

3. Empty the Trash to remove both the DiscLabel folder and App from your Mac.

Now you should be able to successfully install the fully supported and functioning version of DiscLabel from your OWC Lightscribe Bundle disc included with your new Lightscribe enabled optical drive. You must use the DiscLabel version included on the Lightscribe CD from OWC. The version from their website will print the word DEMO

Note: You may also need to re-install the Lighstribe driver from your OWC Lightscribe Software Bundle