Legacy Mac: Mac Pro (2006-2008) Installing 2nd Optical Drive

Created on: May 26, 2013
Last updated: April 9, 2020

If you are adding a second drive to the Mac Pro, use the four spare screws stored on the back side of the optical drive carrier to secure the second drive to the space optical bay in the carrier. Note: you will probably need to remove the drive tray bezel for it to work with the optical bay doors of your Mac Pro. Please see our Installation Videos for more information.

Once both drives are installed, be sure to set one drive to Master and one to Slave using the jumpers on the back of the drive.  If these are not set your drives will not function properly. If you look closely on the above the jumper pins, you should see vertical markings that say MA (for Master), SL (for Slave), CS (for Cable Select).  If your drive does not have these etched marking, check the manufacturer's drive label to see if there is a jumper chart printed on it.