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Adding FireWire Support for Older Macs

Non-FireWire Macs

OWC Mercury Al-DUALDo you have an older, PCI-based Power Mac, Mac Clone or Beige G3? How about a "Wallstreet" or "Lombard" G3 PowerBook? You might think that you're too far back to utilize the large, fast and inexpensive FireWire drives available. Well, we have good news for you!

You, too, can have the ability to use today's hottest technology: FireWire. Simplified cabling, hot swapping, and transfer speeds of up to 800 megabits per second have made FireWire the standard of choice for manufacturers of multimedia peripherals and storage- and now you can use it on your Legacy machine.

ForOWC Neptune owners of any Power Mac Model 5400, 6360, 64/6500, 72/73/75/76/85/86/85/9600 or PowerComputing and UMax Apple Clone with PCI slots, adding FireWire is as simple as plugging in a FireWire PCI Card. That's it!

Some of these cards also include USB on the same card so you can take advantage of those devices as well.

For owners of any PowerBook G3 Series computer, the solution is as simple as inserting a PCMCIA card.

OWC Mercury On-The-GoAfter installing the FireWire upgrade card and installing the latest Apple FireWire Software (free download from Apple), all compatible peripherals are auto-sensing and hot-swappable. Mounting a FireWire peripheral like a video camera or FireWire hard drive is a matter just plugging the device's FireWire cable in and then watch as your system automatically recognizes the device and mounts it on your desktop in seconds. And up to 63 devices can be plugged in on a single FireWire chain.

Increase productivity inexpensively - add FireWire today!

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Click for FireWire Upgrades!

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