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Don’t forget the restart

I was working with my MacBook 1.83GHz over the weekend (ok, not really “working” more like playing) and went to use the built in iSight via the PhotoBooth application when I noticed the camera wouldn’t come on!  No green light indicating it was on.  No picture of myself staring back at me.  PhotoBooth was just mocking me with a little icon of a camera in the middle of that window.  I started searching out every tech blog I could find to see who else was in my predicament and what they did to correct it.

After an hour of searching and empathizing with those that had posted before me, resigned that I would have to wait till I got into work today to hand my beloved MacBook off to one of our laptop experts, I realized I hadn’t performed the golden rule of tech support – “when in doubt, reboot first.”

And, wouldn’t ya know it – voila! The iSight camera started working.  It really is amazing how sometimes the most simple of fixes are just that – fixes!

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