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Hydrate Your Life with Plant Nanny Water-Reminder App

Plant-NannyWho knew that fulfilling your basic human needs could be so fun? If you’re anything like me, drinking an adequate amount of water each day can be a surprisingly difficult task, especially when coffee is your main source of hydration. Today I’m reviewing the Android incarnation of the app Plant Nanny, a true game changer in the lifestyle app universe that reminds you to drink water regularly. Plant Nanny is a beautiful and functional game that is endearing and accessible to users of all ages.

At the start of the game, inputting your physical stats yields an estimate of how much water you should be consuming. You choose the size of the glass of water that sustains your plant, establish a water goal and pick from an array of adorable plants. Watering is easy – drink a cup of water and tap the glass icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. That’s it.

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After a day or two of watering your plant levels up, and when he’s fully grown you’re given the option of moving him to the garden. As bittersweet as it is to say goodbye, in the garden he produces seeds you can use for buying rare plants, custom backgrounds, and special water that revives dead plants. If you’ve grown too attached to your companion to plant him, you can watch video clips from advertisers to earn seeds instead.

My Plant Nanny garden.
My Plant Nanny garden.
Plant Nanny
Choose your new buddy.

The simplicity of this app is what fuels it. It’s engaging enough to keep you interested, but it’s also really low maintenance. The only hiccup the game presents is that you are unable to access the tutorial after starting the game, meaning you best remember what is said at the beginning. After I made a drinking cup that was too large, it took nearly half an hour for me to remember the specific place onscreen that I needed to tap to edit the glass size. For your sake, I have circled the thing:

Plant Nanny

Plant Nanny


Graphics: Plant Nanny Rating-Bar5
Plant Nanny’s detailed, inviting graphics are such a breath of fresh air (or a glass of cold water…) that I was actually interested in taking care of my little plants to see what they’d look like as grown ups.  Everything from the plants to the pots they live in is customizable and beautifully illustrated.

Gameplay: Plant Nanny Rating-Bar3
The “gamification” of drinking water is pretty solid – my desire to play the game overrode my innate laziness. I would pay for this app if the developers gave the plants a personality or another level of interactivity, but as a habit tracking app, Plant Nanny does its job well.

Audio: Plant Nanny Rating-Bar2
There are relatively few sounds, which are mostly just responses to actions – liquid swirls as water fills your cup, and the plant giggles with delight in response. I’m usually an advocate of all things cute, but what starts out adorable becomes merely another obnoxious reminder to turn the sound all-the-way down when everyone in the office knows you’ve just drank your tenth glass of the day.

Additionally, there are some discrepancies I found between the Android system volume and the game settings volumes that MAKE THE SOUND EFFECTS REALLY LOUD. You can easily avoid the mistakes I made by simply never filling up your glass while listening to music on earbuds…

Innovation: Plant Nanny Rating-Bar5
The concept behind this app is simple but powerful, and I love its simplicity. Plant Nanny takes one of those habits we all need to improve but never get around to, and turns it into a fun and dynamic experience. As much as I’d love to say that apps like Lift and Chains.cc changed my life, I honestly can’t, because no emotional bond was ever forged. Plant Nanny succeeds where others have failed by giving obvious rewards and consequences for the upkeep of habits.

Overall: Plant Nanny Rating-Bar4
If you’re looking for a solid lifestyle app that you’ll actually keep up with, this is it!! Plant Nanny isn’t going to entertain or distract you from your busy life, but it’s going to improve it. Whether you’re a kid who is learning health basics, or an adult revisiting neglected habits, this water tracking app is an excellent way to keep you accountable for your goal. And let’s face it, the little guys are adorable.

Plant Nanny plant5

Plant Nanny is available for both iOS and Android ecosystems.

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  • I love this app but I noticed that it is still set on yesterday. This morning I pressed the drink button and it said I had enough water for the day because it is a day behind. How can I fix it?

  • Thank you so much for circling the place to change your drinking cup/ oz/ml amount. I was going nuts trying to figure that out!!

  • When I hold down the cup to add water I drank, the app starts to make a buzzing noise and won’t stop until I close it. Is there a way to correct this?

  • What happens to plants in garden? Can I see them again? And what about the seeds it produces?
    I too forget a lot of the tutorial

  • I started out with 8 water of life drops. I’ve used a few when the app told me my plant was thirsty. I thought they replenished when I completed my goal of water for the day, but they didn’t. How do I get more and what happens if I run out of drops of water of life?

    • you don’t use water of life, only if your plant is dead, use the bottles in the right corner of your screen, or tap at the floor, you’ll get to change measurements of the water you drink..

    • you can use water of life drops to make your plant alive again, or start over, don’t give it too much water, and water it everyday enough.. just as your body.. otherwise every plant will die..

  • Hi. I changed phones from a note 4 to s6 and after i synced my account on the playstore my plants didnt show up.. this is quite disappointing since i had 4 plants all grown. Any help is welcome. Thanks

    • I’ve found that the more seeds the plant requires to plant it, the higher the difficulty level to keep it alive.

  • Sorta grumpy about the pot thing…if you can only change pots when you start a new plant then it shouldn’t allow you to buy them while growing one. I wasted 100 seeds on the cauldron but can’t figure out where it went to use it…so I chose it from the shop and it wanted to charge me again…so frustrated.

    • if you make a new plant you can choose that pot, if the plant you’ve already planted is fully grown and in the garden you can start a new plant to grow again, while getting seeds from the plant that is fully grown.

  • Is there a bug going around for Windows Phone and this app because I haven’t been able to get any free seeds for like a week! and I even reinstalled it but that didn’t work either. It’s incredibly frustrating to the degree that I just want to delete it. BUT it’s so frikkin cute! And it does help me drink more water so FIX IT OKAY!

    • Just tap the circle with 3 bars on the top right corner. In the drop down menu, click on the wrench. Then choose “Volume Units” and change to oz!

  • I have downloaded all the flowers and have more than enough seeds to purchase any of them, yet there are flowers that I still can’t plant. When I tap on my plant to view what is available to plant it displays only a few then kicks me out and I end up at my main screen. What is going on? There are flowers I have planted before I can’t plant now.

  • Does anyone know how many total plants there are to plant? I can see 12.

    • I don’t think you can plant them until you have completed your first plant that you started with. Then after you empty the pot and soil it to your garden. Then you can plant another one!

  • Hi, I have Plant Nanny on my Verizon galaxy s5 and I want to get the s6. However, I want to be able to transfer my app, along with all of my plants to my new phone without losing them. I can reinstall the app, but none of my progress is saved… Any help is appreciated!

    • I have the iOS version, and it has the option to sync to iCloud in settings – does Android have a cloud option?

      • I’ve synced the app data to iCloud, but I’m not sure how to get it onto the new device. I’ve turned on iCloud on the new device, but there’s no option to transfer data or anything.

  • in the little ‘store’ it only shows a few rows of plants for me(I have an iphone) but for my sister(an android) she has more. we downloaded it at the same time so they’re both the same version. is something wrong with mine?

    • I actually discovered 4 more plants in the store a few days ago. I have an Andriod phone. Maybe they show up once all the other plants have been sprouted and moved to the green house?

  • Is there a way to get new plants once you’ve planted all the available ones? Do we have to just plant the same ones over?

  • My nanny work great for weeks now when I drink water the number stays the same and does not change I tried reinstalling but it still does not work please help

  • Thank you so much for posting this! I got the app, and I had no clue how to change the glass of water to 16 oz instead of the original 12 oz I had put in first. I love this app as well. \(^.^)/

  • Just found your article and I am wondering how do you buy things? They have seeds for $2.99 but I see no way to purchase them…..help?

  • This app is also available for windows phone.

    I have to say that the Microsoft Health app is nice for tracking cardio and calories consumed, but i was really upset it didn’t have a way to track how much water you are drinking because I think it’s really important to stay properly hydrated.

    This app fixed my problem, I like the reminders, plus it’s super cute!

    I was actually looking up tamagotchi/virtual pets, that’s how i found this one :P

  • Can you change the amount of water for the previous day. I drank the water and forgot to enter it until after midnight, so now it’s wrong for both days.

    • I’m having the same problem as you have you figured it out? ): i forgot to enter two glasses yesterday and now my plant is yellow and dying.

  • I purchased a new pot, tried to use it but I did not show. it too 50 seeds. where did it go? and how do I get it back? the next plane will look awsome in it.

  • Is anyone else having trouble getting free seeds? In the last few weeks I am constantly getting the message, “There are no free seeds available at this time” when the icon shows there ARE free seeds available.

    • I’m having the same problem on free seeds. The notification said there are 8 free seeds but i constantly get the message “Opss,no free seed available”.
      Anyone could help on this issue?

      • Haaaving the same problem as farah. I would also like to find out how to get the seeds. Also what did it mean if I take the plants outside they will grow faster?

      • No, I gave up on trying to get free seeds by watching videos and have actually given up on Plant Nanny altogether. :( I was tired of planting the same plants and will start it again if they ever create new ones. I did email the creator and they said they were “working on it”.

    • You can’t change the pot once the flower has already been planted, but if you are starting with a new one, you can select a new flower pot by tapping on it in the same way you tap the plant to choose a different one.

      • I just loaded a new plant and tried to figure out how to change the pot. I couldn’t figure it out so now u have to wait again. Do you know what you click on to change it? Thanks!

  • This is a stupid question but can you change the pot of your existing plant when you buy a new one or do you have to wait to give it to a new plant?

  • Is there supposed to be a sound when it’s time to take a drink? My LGG2 phone makes no sound, even though I keep turning the game volume all the way up.

    • Hmm, interesting. Yes, it should make a swishing sound when you tap down on the glass icon. I know there is an option to disable/enable game sounds in the settings panel, but beyond that I’m not so sure why it wouldn’t be working.