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Apple’s Native Calendar App is Good – This App is Exceptionally Better

If you’ve been using Mac or iOS devices for any length of time you’ve probably at least tested out the native Calendar app. It’s pretty simple and easy to use. You can color-code entries, invite other people to your events, and put your event on a map.

A relatively unknown benefit to using Apple’s native calendar application is the ability to recover deleted events using iCloud. However, when was the last time you actually deleted calendar events? Have you ever needed to restore lost calendar entries?

Calendar events aren’t priceless like photos and videos of your family and pets; the information most people enter into a digital calendar is information they have in other places. For example, when you schedule an appointment with someone and you put their address in your calendar event, you probably have that person’s address in an email. In other words, it wouldn’t disrupt your life if you lost the data entered in your past calendar events.

With that said, there’s no reason to keep using this app when a more sophisticated app exists. Calendar – a smart calendar app – adds a touch of genius to electronic calendars by using artificial intelligence and machine learning to customize the user experience. This app offers all the basic functionality of a calendar, and it even connects with Apple’s Calendar app. However, it’s much more than just a calendar.

Calendar provides analytics, meeting transcriptions, and more

How many meetings do you have in one day? How easily do you remember all the details from each meeting? Imagine a calendar app that transcribes your meetings so you can be present during the meeting rather than scrambling to take good notes or risk forgetting the information later on. That’s what Calendar does.

Research shows that within one hour, meeting participants forget half of the information presented. Within a day, they forget 70% of that information, and after a week they forget 90% of the information. This is bad news for you and your boss if you’re expected to retain the information in order to do your job.

We’ve all experienced those meetings where the boss is talking about something important but you’re not sure what they’re talking about; they lost you a few minutes prior when you were taking notes on KPIs and sales goals. You can ask your coworkers for clarification afterward but they’re not paying attention, either. Having a transcript of the meeting will solve all of those problems.

Machine learning to make you more productive

The more you use Calendar, the more it tailors itself to your specific needs to help you be more productive. The analytics dashboard will show you exactly where your time is being spent so you can see clearly where you need to make some adjustments. If you’re working in the corporate world, the analytics will show you how much time you’re spending in meetings. Who are you giving your time to? Calendar will tell you.

Calendar is great for team scheduling

Many teams today are remote and scattered across the states or even overseas. This app allows for seamless scheduling across all time zones so you don’t need to worry about translating one time to another. You’ll eliminate the confusing conversations about “my time” and “your time.”

Even better, this app uses AI to categorize project meetings so it can learn more about the relationship between your plans and the people you’re scheduled to meet with.

Like all good scheduling apps, Calendar sends email reminders and requests all meeting participants to RSVP.

Add another app to your arsenal

If you’re not ready to let go of the native Calendar app, that’s fine. You don’t have to. You can get the new app and take it for a test drive before committing to it. Chances are, you’ll love it and want to use it. If that’s the case, you can integrate the new app with your standard iOS Calendar app and Mac Calendar app without a problem.

Several different pricing tiers are available:

  • Free individual account with basic features
  • Pro account ($10) for individuals with premium features such as unlimited Time Slots and Meeting Transcription
  • Business account ($12/user) for up to 50 members with additional premium features such as Team Analytics and CRM Integration
  • Custom-priced Enterprise account for big businesses with more than 50 members

If you have used Calendar or decide to take it for a spin after reading this review, please share your thoughts with your fellow Rocket Yard readers below!

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