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iPhone apps

7 Free iPhone Apps You Should Check Out

Did you know that the Apple app store has over 2 million apps?! Many of them have grown to be wildly successful on their own or with the help of capital funding.

But, with that many apps,  how do you pick out the best ones? Here are 7 of what we think are the coolest free iOS apps for you to check out:

1. GarageBand

Launched in 2004, GarageBand is a beginner-friendly digital audio workstation (DAW) that allows you to make music on the go.

The app’s sleek and intuitive design lets you play all sorts of virtual instruments like drum machines and synthesizers or even plug in real instruments like guitars. Create up to 32 separate tracks and mix them yourself—all from your phone!

The app also allows you to sync songs across different iOS devices. That makes it easy to pick up a song from where you left off no matter where you are.

2. Cold Shower Therapy

Cold Shower Therapy is an app designed around the “cold shower challenge.” The idea is to make a habit of taking cold showers to build resilience. It’s a way to prove to yourself first thing in the morning that you can do hard things. Brrr!

According to the app’s founder: “If you can’t do something uncomfortable and difficult for 5 minutes in the shower, how the hell are you going to do something uncomfortable or difficult in real life?”

The app helps you develop the daily habit of taking cold showers by tracking your current streak, longest streak, and total cold showers overall. You can even set daily shower reminders so you don’t break your streak.

Other features include custom music playlists to help you get pumped and a leaderboard where you can compare your progress and compete with other users around the world.

3. Tunity

Tunity is an innovative app that allows you to stream audio from any live TV screen straight to your phone. It’s ideal for airports, gyms, doctor offices, bars, and other public places where there might be a lot of distracting background noise or no sound coming from the TV at all.

The way it works is simple. You just scan the TV screen with your phone camera and then the app identifies the channel and streams the audio to your phone. This way, you can listen with headphones, earphones, or your device’s internal speakers. When you’re having trouble hearing the TV, Tunity can be a real lifesaver.

4. Pocket

Have you ever come across an interesting online article or resource but not had time to check it out?

If yes, then Pocket is the perfect app for you. It allows you to save web pages in one place with the click of a button. That way, you can collect articles from all over the web for later and not worry about how to find them again.

In the app, you can read, manage, tag, and archive what you’ve saved and even get reading suggestions. When you read in the app directly, you also eliminate ads for a cleaner reading experience.

So if you find yourself discovering and reading things from all over the internet, Pocket is a must-have.

5. Libby

The Libby app is like a digital library on your phone. It connects with your local library card to give you access to ebooks, audiobooks, music, and more.

Just like at a regular library, you can check out and read items and even put them on hold. But you can do it all without leaving your house. And when something is due, it’s automatically returned so you don’t have to worry about any late fees.

The Libby app also allows you to read things across different devices. For example, you can send eBooks from your phone to your Kindle device if you prefer to read on a different screen.

One great feature is the option to give your item to the next person in line and take their position in queue. So if you’re not quite ready for an item, you can delay borrowing it without having to start at the back of the line again.

6. Inoreader

Ever get tired of checking online news sites and blogs for the latest stories? Then you need to download Inoreader. This app allows you to curate your own personal newsfeed from different RSS sources. Just subscribe to the sites you like and read them all from one place.

Inoreader also comes with tons of features; like custom filtering, keyword monitoring, and different layouts and colors, including night mode. Overall, the app will save you a lot of time while always keeping you in the loop. And you can add or remove subscriptions whenever you like.

7. SkyView Lite

Last up on our list is SkyView Lite. This app is a portable astronomy guide. By simply pointing your phone up at the night sky, you can use it to identify stars, constellations, planets, and more.

The app also teaches you about what you’re seeing in the night sky and notifies you about upcoming stargazing events.

So whether you’re an amateur astronomer or just a casual learner, SkyView Lite can be a great tool to get up to speed whenever you stargaze.

Wrapping things up

Hopefully, some of these apps have piqued your interest. There are a ton of other cool apps out there, but this list includes our personal top picks. So try one out and have some fun!

Photo by Jonas Lee on Unsplash

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  • Hi Anna,

    I’m in New Zealand and would like to get the TV audio streamed to my ReSound hearing aids which are MFI (made for iPhone) equipped.

    When I search for Tunity in the App Store I do not get the app you’ve described. Instead HearTV, Tunity Services (a finance app), AudioFetch Doghouse, & Audio Fetch came up as alternatives. I may explore three of those . . .

    Can you confirm that there is a Tunity app as you’ve described is available all over the world?