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OWC Jamie

OWC Jamie
6 posts
Jamie has been an Apple user since 1979, and an Apple-certified tech since the age of 16. How's that for a first job other than working for parents/grandparents?! He has been a Macintosh owner since 1989, and an OWC employee since 1999. From packing/shipping, answering customer service/tech support calls, designing award-winning products, and buying everything ever devised for the Apple universe, he's pretty much done it all at OWC over the last 21+ years.

iPad Air Unboxing

The new iPad Air has arrived, and we got our hands on the Space Gray and Silver 16GB Wi-Fi models. We’ve taken a few unboxing photos for your visual pleasure. And remember, when you’re done unboxing your own iPad Air,...

iPhone 5 Unboxing

Here's a couple of iPhone 5 unboxings from our crew here... Happy iPhone 5 day all!...

One Week with the iPhone 4

I was the first OWC employee to receive their iPhone 4. I was lucky enough to have it arrive the day before the official release (Yay!), at about 9:15 in the morning, thanks to our exceptional FedEx service. And let...

An interesting change from Apple today

As long as I’ve know, other than a couple of very odd “non standards”, Apple’s USB ports have provided 5V 500mA of power, regardless of it being USB 1.0 or USB 2.0. Now today, a tech document was updated by...