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SoftRAID for Windows 1.0.7 Brings TRIM to Cross-Platform RAID

What is TRIM? TRIM is an important part of keeping your solid-state drives (SSDs) healthy. And in our first update to SoftRAID for Windows, we’ve added several TRIM features that keep your drives running faster and longer. SSDs handle data differently...

OWC CEO Talks SSDs, TRIM, Trimforce command

As we’ve written in the past on the Rocket Yard, with or without TRIM, OWC SSDs are built to perform over the long haul. OWC Founder and CEO Larry O’Connor recently wrote a guest article for to shed some...

How to Execute ‘Trimforce’ Command with Your SSD

On Wednesday, we reported that Apple released the latest OS X version with 10.10.4, which adds the support of TRIM for third-party SSDs. OWC SSDs are built to run at optimal speed and provide peak performance throughout their lives without...

Disable TRIM Before Upgrading to Yosemite

We’ve talked on the Rocket Yard about using TRIM with OWC SSDs before. Essentially, if you are using an OWC SSD, there is no need for TRIM. However, if you are running a system with TRIM Enabler and you upgrade...

With An OWC SSD, There’s No Need For TRIM

If you’ve researched using an SSD before, you may have heard how they can slow down over time. Most manufacturers go out of their way to avoid this by suggesting users run TRIM, a command for cleaning up “garbage” files....

To TRIM or not to TRIM (OWC has the answer)

Before we get started talking about TRIM and why you should or should not enable it, let’s just grab a little background, so everybody is roughly on the same page. When you simply “delete” a file on a traditional hard...

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