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First Garage Sale of the Year!

Well, it’s a busy, busy, busy time of year for us. We’re winding down from the holidays, we’ve got a lot of products being released/announced at CES, and we’re looking forward to Macworld, too. However, we’ve always got time for...

Thailand Flood Update: It May Be Longer Than We Thought.

We know that, to some, we seem to be talking about the Thailand situation an awful lot. However, since the flooding has affected hard drive production, that impacts the entire industry and we figure it’s better to let you know...

Thailand Floods Affecting Hard Drive Availability & Prices – UPDATE

Last Tuesday, we told you about how flooding in Thailand may affect hard drive prices and availability. One week later, things aren’t looking so good. We mentioned that Western Digital’s Thailand plants are mostly underwater from the flooding. Those two...

Flooding in Thailand May Affect Hard Drive Prices

A heavier-than-normal rainy season in Thailand may result in some instability in the platter-based hard drive market. Western Digital, one of the biggest names in hard drives, has two hard drive factories in Thailand, at least one of which is...

Drive Adapters Galore—Which Is The Right One?

I think that by now, we’ve established just how amazing our line of Solid State Drives are - from in-house benchmarking to glowing reviews and even the amazing response to our firmware updater tool all indicate just how popular and reliable our SSDs...

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