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Tag Archives: 8 Core

OWC Announces Memory Upgrades For 2009-2010 Mac Pro

Other World Computing announced today its MaxRAM Certified Triple-Channel Memory Upgrade Kits are the industry’s first 16GB module based upgrades to provide up to 96GB for all Apple Mac Pro 2009 (Nehalem) and 2010 (Nehalem and Westmere) models. These new 16GB...

And The Mac Pro Upgrade Savings Beat Goes On

I read a good interview on Cher the other day and when I sat down to write this post, her "Beat Goes On" duet just seemed apropos for this topic. Now that Apple officially supports 64GB of RAM in the...

Mac Pro and Radeon Video Cards, Part Deux

Actually, this might be part 3 or 4 of our updates that have captured the attention (and traffic!) of inquiring  Mac Pro users around the world. It all got started back in March of 2009 when OWC Larry himself told...

You CAN put 64GB RAM in your 2009 Mac Pro 8-Core!

The tried and true rule of rollercoasters: "Please remain in your seat until the ride has come to a complete stop" certainly pulled into our testing station late yesterday. We had a few more tests to run in our MaxRAM...

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