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Mac 101: How to Get Ready for macOS Mojave

The summer is drawing to a close, which means macOS Mojave is about to be released. It may also mean a few other things, but we’re going to concentrate on the release of Mojave and what you’ll need to do...

Finding and Banishing Problematic Apps on Macs

Last week the Rocket Yard showed you how to pinpoint troublesome iOS apps -- using too much power, consuming your storage, or crashing frequently -- and remove them from your device. Today, we'll show you how to do the same...

The Storage Tab in System Information

Tech 101: How to Quickly Free Up Mac Storage Space

Owning a new Mac is a great feeling -- it's the fastest it's ever going to be, there are no scratches or dings on the computer, and you have what seems like an unlimited amount of storage space. Fast forward...

A RAM Install on a 27-inch iMac through the "back door"

Tech 101: Order the Right Amount of Memory for Your New Mac

A RAM Install on a 27-inch iMac through the "back door" Now that the new iMac Pro is available, you might be thinking about getting one to speed through video editing and rendering…or just to gain bragging rights. There was...

High Sierra Compatible with All Sierra-Compatible Macs

Apple made several hardware and software announcements at Monday's WWDC 2017 keynote. One of the quieter pieces of news centered around Apple's follow-up to macOS Sierra named "macOS High Sierra", and it's sure to please Sierra users. Apple has not dropped...

About This Mac, with link to User Manual highlighted

Tech Tip: Accessing Your Mac’s User Manual

Back when I was working as an Apple consultant, one common complaint I heard from new Mac owners was that they felt like the computer didn't come with instructions. Sure, there's usually a quick start guide showing how to plug in...