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AirDrop icon with a Catalina background

How to Share Files Using AirDrop in macOS Catalina

Apple’s AirDrop feature is a great way to share files with macOS Catalina. It lets you send documents, photos, webpages, map locations, and more to anyone near you, wirelessly. You can send and receive items between Macs and iOS devices...

handoff baton

Tech Tip: Using Handoff to Transfer Files Between Devices

Handoff is a tool that was designed into Apple’s operating systems to make it easy to copy and paste things like text and images between devices or answer a call coming into your iPhone on your Mac. It’s part of an overall scheme called Continuity that was developed by Apple to let users start work on one device, then continue on another. Did you know that Handoff also works well to transfer files? In this tech tip, we’ll show you how to transfer files from one Apple device to another easily.

How to Save Voicemails from Your iPhone to Your Mac

After my father-in-law died a few years ago, my wife wanted to save the voicemails he had left on her iPhone for posterity. There are a couple of apps that allow you to do this. One you’ll have to pay...

macOS 101: AirDrop Tips for Mac and iOS Users

AirDrop is a peer-to-peer file sharing system for local Mac and iOS users. It’s easy to set up with just a click or two; no special information or settings are needed. Just drag-and-drop a file to share with others. In...