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How to Use External Monitors With Mac Laptops and Desktops

I find an external display a great convenience when using my 16-inch MacBook Pro. This is why I have it attached to an LG UltraFine 5K display. (Though I have encountered flickering problems as I talk about here.) Some laptops...

macOS Sidecar Icon

How to Use Sidecar to Unite Your Mac and iPad

Beginning with macOS Catalina and iPadOS 13, the new Sidecar service allows you to utilize your iPad as a secondary screen. If you’re thinking this is not new, that third-party developers have already been providing this service in apps like Duet...

Three Months of Mojave: What Works, and What Still Doesn’t

The release of macOS Mojave on Sept. 24, 2018, marked the 15th major release of the OS X/macOS operating system. Mojave is the first version of macOS that doesn’t have its moniker based in the mountains of California; instead, it’s one...

OWC Radio #48 – Pads, Politics, and Poultry

OWC Radio is a forum-based podcast focused on the events and happenings in the Mac community. This week's hosts are: OWC Grant, OWC Chris S., OWC Mike H., and OWC Patrick. Everybody loves the iPad. Apple loves it. Oprah loves...