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Apple’s App Store Generates Half a Trillion Dollars in 2019

In a press release yesterday, Apple announced that $519 billion in global commerce was facilitated through the App Store in 2019. That doesn't mean that the App Store itself brought in more than half a trillion dollars, for the largest category by...

stay at home

Apps to Help You Stay at Home

It’s mid-April of 2020, and with very few exceptions, most of us are still under a stay-at-home order except for essential needs. Many things can still be done without going out thanks to deliveries by mail and shipping services, while others can be accomplished with minimal personal contact through curbside pickups. Here’s a collection of useful apps to help ease your time in quarantine.

Apple Covid-19 App

Apple Releases COVID-19 Screening App, Website

Apple today released a screening app and website designed to provide people with a way to determine the course of action they should take with respect to the COVID-19 pandemic. Developed in cooperation with the Centers for Disease Control and...

Rocket Yard Top 10 for 2019

A Year in Review: The 10 Most Popular Rocket Yard Posts of 2019

As many are wont to do, we here at Rocket Yard like to take some time to reflect at the beginning of each new year. We look back at what went well and what hurdles we encountered. We celebrate the victories and learn from the challenges. In 2019, we saw our readership grow by 29% – that’s a fantastic increase that we can only attribute to you. And for that, we thank you!

Mac Family Sharing Icon - A Rocket Yard Guide

Guide to Family Sharing: Managing Sharing Options

In part one of our Guide to Family Sharing, we learned how to set up the service. In part two of our Guide to Family Sharing, we’ll take a look at how to share various purchases and subscriptions, and make use of shared Photos and iCloud storage!

Mac Family Sharing Icon - A Rocket Yard Guide

Guide to Family Sharing: How to Set It Up

Family Sharing is one of the many perks of owning an Apple product: the ability to allow up to six family members to share purchases made in the iTunes/Music Store, App Store, and Books Store, as well as share subscriptions to Apple Music, Apple News+, Apple TV, and Apple Arcade. You can also share the storage space provided by an iCloud storage plan. In this Rocket Yard guide, we’ll explore how to set up Family Sharing on your Mac. Family Sharing works across all Apple devices, allowing you to use a Mac or iOS device to set up and manage Family Sharing, but this guide will concentrate on the process for a Mac.

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