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Tag Archives: Apple Music

Mac Family Sharing Icon - A Rocket Yard Guide

Guide to Family Sharing: Managing Sharing Options

In part one of our Guide to Family Sharing, we learned how to set up the service. In part two of our Guide to Family Sharing, we’ll take a look at how to share various purchases and subscriptions, and make use of shared Photos and iCloud storage!

Screen shot of iPhone finder management in masOS Catalina

How to Make Your iPhone and iPad Appear in the macOS Catalina Finder

With macOS Catalina, Apple broke up the iTunes app into three separate apps: Apple Music, Apple TV, and Podcasts. Previously, you could connect iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches to your Mac and their icons would appear in iTunes. No longer. Now that — as well as syncing — is handled entirely in the Finder. To manage your iOS or iPad device in macOS Catalina, here's what you do...

How the Breakup​ of iTunes in macOS Catalina Affects You

Now that macOS Catalina is here, you’ll notice that the iTunes app (not the iTunes Store) is gone. It’s been broken up into Music, Podcasts, and TV apps, similar to the arrangement in iOS and iPadOS. The new Music app...

Apple's new Music App overlaid with iTunes logo

🎵 Rocking Out with the Music App in macOS Catalina 🎶

For some reason, it seems as if iTunes is the app people love to hate. So when macOS Catalina drove a stake through the heart of the iTunes app, splitting it into three different apps, I expected peals of joy from the...

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