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How to Delete an Email Account in the Mac Mail App

How often do you need to delete an email account? If you're like me, probably not very often. I have had my main personal account since the mid-90s – but I have intentionally deleted it from Mail several times. Why?...

Adobe Creative Cloud Folder with text saying "Creative Cloud 2020"

Adobe Creative Cloud 2020

Earlier this week, Adobe launched the latest version of the Creative Cloud suite, CC 2020. While we plan to offer a more detailed look at a later time, including the possibility of a couple competitive reviews (think Affinity apps), this article provides a quick overview. Overall this release is more about the improvement of existing functions and added stability and less about headline features. While that’s not as exciting to the average user, this approach is not a bad thing. For years, many long-time users complained that Adobe fell victim to the “feature bloat” trap. They perennially released new features that were designed to wow people (i.e., were easier to market) but which were either not often requested or not fully “baked.” In the meantime, many existing, commonly used features were not evolving.

Quick Tip: Arrange Your Mac Apps By Category in Finder

Mac OS is home to so many great features and capabilities, that it's easy to stumble upon something every day that you might not have known about. Today was one of those days for this author. There is a simple trick...

Keep your Mac up-to-date with AppFresh

If you’re anything like me, you like to try and keep all of your Mac's software up-to-date. Until recently, your only options were Software Update and following software sites like MacUpdate. The newly created App Store has certainly made this...

App Review: Mac App Store

Apple’s Mac App Store went live today. Introduced in October as part of the upcoming OS X 10.7 Lion, it was also announced to be offered as part of 10.6 Snow Leopard. Effectively, the Mac App Store allows you to...

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