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FREE WORKSHOP: Mastering Your Home Studio Mixes

Join us for a free OWC workshop to discover the best ways to boost and enhance your mixes in your home studio. If you have ever felt underwhelmed by your mixes on playback, you might need to do a little home studio mastering, and this workshop will help show you how.

Pro Audio Mastering

Pro Audio: Mastering Audio 101

What is mastering, why is it important, and what is the process like? In this installment of Pro Audio, we'll take a broad look at the dark art that is "mastering" audio. The Mastering Suite at Engine Room Audio By...

How to Stop Auto-Play in Safari on a Mac

How many times have you loaded a web page only to have a video start to autoplay? If you’re like me, plenty of times. If you’re lucky enough to be unfamiliar with the concept, autoplay video is audiovisual content that...

How to EQ the System Audio on a Mac

The Apple Music App has an okay (i.e., usable) equalizer with plenty of presets for the average user. It can help compensate for the small speakers on your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro or fine-tune the bass and treble in...

Pro Audio Plugins – Chrous Effects

Pro Audio: The Best Plugins for Chorus Effects

In an earlier Pro Audio series article, we covered some of the most common types of audio effects. And in the last article, I shared with you some of my favorite plugins for delay, echo, and reverb. In this post, I’ll list some of my favorite chorus effects plugins. As a reminder, you might want to check out the stock plugins included with your DAW too, as almost all DAWs include free chorus and distortion options. It’s a good way to get started and doing so will give you a baseline for comparison.

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