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Bow River near Banff, Alberta, Canada. Photo ©2019, Steven Sande

Tips for Travelers 2019: Packing Tech for a Trip

Photo of Bow River, Banff, Alberta, Canada. © 2019, Steven Sande This is the second in a series of articles from the Rocket Yard to help you enjoy your tech equipment while you’re on a trip, either for business or...

Tech 101: Checking Battery Health on a MacBook

Does the battery on your old MacBook seem to be unable to hold a charge anymore? Is that used MacBook Pro you're buying from a friend any good? Batteries are the lifeblood of our Mac notebooks, and fortunately it's quite...

Tips for Travelers: Powering Your Tech Wherever You Are

Rocket Yard Contributor Steve Sande is about to return from a fun adventure and has been providing readers with helpful tips over the past month that can help them use their tech gear confidently and safely anywhere. Present Location: San...