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Activity Monitor - Energy, Disk & Network

Using Activity Monitor Part 2: Energy, Disk, and Network

The Activity Monitor app can be used to troubleshoot your Mac, as well as evaluate how well your Mac is performing overall or with specific running processes (apps). In Using Activity Monitor Part 2, we’ll take a look at using this utility to explore your Mac's energy use, disk performance, and network performance.

Boot Camp Icon

Boot Camp Quick Tip: Installing on High Capacity Disks

Mac owners using disks that exceed 2.2TB may find it difficult to set up a Windows disk using Apple's Boot Camp assistant. The root cause of the problem is that the Boot Camp Assistant uses the FAT32 format when setting...

Thunderbolt Via Target Disk Mode

Several weeks ago when Apple released the first Thunderbolt-equipped Mac, the questions started pouring in on how quickly we'd be able to see the benefits of blazing external speeds. Interestingly enough, no thunderbolt cables were even available until earlier this...

Transferring your data to a new drive.

Every so often, someone will ask me about transferring data from one drive to another. Whether they’ve just upgraded the hard drive in their computer or they’d like to make a backup of their drive, there’s often a question of...

Get Drive Genius 3 Utility Suite For as Low as $39

You may have missed the brief mention of this when we mentioned it in last week's announcement of On-The-Go price drops, but we've got some great specials on Prosoft Engineering's Drive Genius 3. Drive Genius 3 is built upon the...

New iMac machines include SD cardslot

Back in August ,when Apple updated their MacBook Pro line of laptops, the ExpressCard slot was replaced with an SD cardslot.  Here in October, Apple again has added this feature to the entire iMac lineup. It's located just beneath the...

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