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How to Use External Monitors With Mac Laptops and Desktops

I find an external display a great convenience when using my 16-inch MacBook Pro. This is why I have it attached to an LG UltraFine 5K display. (Though I have encountered flickering problems as I talk about here.) Some laptops...

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What You Need (And Need to Know) to Work From Home Successfully

I'm working from home today. It doesn't have anything to do with the coronavirus; it just so happens that I wasn't planning on going into the office. But it is becoming evident that more and more people are going to be working from home in the coming days and weeks. And that is a good thing because of the rapidly developing concerns regarding the viral outbreak we are all having to deal with right now. Perhaps you have been asked to work from home, or you are wise to self-quarantine for a while. If so, let's talk about what that may look like and what you will need—and need to know—to be successful.

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How to Move the Dock from One Monitor to Another on a Mac

I’ve recently started using multiple monitors. Again.And I’ve completely forgotten how to move the dock from one monitor to another. Again.So now I am aggravated with myself and highly embarrassed. Again.Not to mention that I’m going to have to look...

What Do you Call 6 Displays and a 2013 Mac Pro? Fun!

Well those 6 Thunderbolt ports on the back of the new Mac Pro were just staring me in the face to try 'em all out. Since the new Mac Pro can do three 4k monitors, I thought it should be able...