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Tech 101: What You Need to Set Up Your Own DIY Upgrade Lab

Have you been updating your Mac, adding memory or storage, or perhaps simply customizing how it looks? Are you the go-to guy for repairing a favorite toy? Do you wish you had a place to brew up a newfangled creation...

Power Savings with the PowerCost Monitor

It’s no secret that we at Other World Computing love the environment and want to help protect it. We also love our customers and want to protect them…from high electricity bills! And while some surprises are good (birthday parties, finding...

OWC Turbine is now online and operational.

OWC got a little greener today. Our new Vestas V39 Wind Turbine went online today and is now generating the electricity needed to run the OWC corporate facility, including its datacenter, with plenty of energy to spare, which will be...

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