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How to Set and Use a Different Return Address in macOS Mail

The Mac Mail app is pretty smart and is pretty much reliable at associating an email address with a particular account, so I don’t set up a specific return address in Mail. However, when you reply to an email, you can choose a different return email address than the one associated with it.

How to Delete Mail in the macOS​ Mail App

There are several ways to delete mail in the macOS Mail app. But note that to delete a message from a Mail notification or with a swipe, the “Move discarded messages” option in Viewing preferences in Mail must be set...

Windows Migration Upgrade Spotted in macOS Mojave Beta

Apple’s Migration Assistant tool that’s baked into macOS has long been an easy way to transfer your data from an old Mac or PC to a new Mac. Migration Assistant can be done a number of ways as we’ve listed below...

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