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macos memoji messages

How to Create Memoji in Messages on macOS Big Sur

With macOS Big Sur, you can create and edit your own Memoji in Messages – a special type of emoji that reflects who you are. Apple’s Animoji allows a user to choose an avatar (e.g., a "puppet") to represent themselves. Memoji...

How to Access Special Characters and Emojis in macOS Catalina

You can do fun things with your Mac, such as typing accents, emojis, and symbols. macOS Catalina includes features that make it easy to find and type special characters and currency symbols. You can use the Character Viewer to insert...

Make Your iPhone Keyboard Work for You

The iPhone is a surprisingly versatile device thanks to apps, and the one primary method of inputting data is still the virtual keyboard. While typing by tapping on a screen was a novelty in 2007 when the iPhone first appeared, it's now the default input method for the majority of smartphones. Today we'll look at some tips that make typing on the iPhone easier.

Quick Tip: Making Sense of Mystifying Emoji

I ❤️ emoji! It's always fun to send or to friends that describe how you feel. Perhaps you're , or maybe you're feeling ☹️, or maybe it's time to go ⛳. Emoji originated on mobile phones in Japan in 1997,...

Three Months of Mojave: What Works, and What Still Doesn’t

The release of macOS Mojave on Sept. 24, 2018, marked the 15th major release of the OS X/macOS operating system. Mojave is the first version of macOS that doesn’t have its moniker based in the mountains of California; instead, it’s one...

Six Mojave Features You Probably Don’t Use, But Should

macOS Mojave has many new features and capabilities that make it a compelling upgrade. And while we’ve covered many of the marquee features of Mojave, sometimes it's the lesser-known features that can have a big impact on how your use...

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