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OWC eGPU with computer screen showing a motorcycle

eGPU 101: A Primer on External Graphics Processing Units

Hang around a group of Mac power users long enough, and eventually, you’ll hear the term eGPU. As you can probably surmise from this article’s headline, eGPU is an acronym for “external Graphics Processing Unit.” The acronym is pronounced “eee-gee-pee-you,” not “egg-poo.” It describes an external chassis that is connected to a laptop computer via a high-bandwidth connection cable and provides more graphics processing power than is available from the laptop’s internal graphics processing unit (GPU). Let’s get into some more detail!

Final Cut Pro X is released. OWC can help get your Mac up to the task.

Apple released Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5 and Compressor on Tuesday. If you follow that sort of thing, you’ve probably already seen plenty of reviews and walkthroughs of the new features, new layout and overall performance enhancements of Apple’s “professional” video editing...