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How to Force Quit a Frozen App in macOS Catalina

Sometimes a Mac app freezes up and you have to kill it. Well, not actually kill it, but you may have to force it to quit so you can relaunch it. Here’s how you use Force Quit an application in...

Screen shot of force quit menu

How to Force the Finder to Restart in macOS Catalina

Catalina Quick Tip If your Mac is misbehaving, you may need to restart the Finder. But don’t confuse the Finder with the Desktop.  The Finder is the first thing that you see when your Mac finishes starting up. It opens...


🚀 TipOff #21: How to Control-Alt-Delete on a Mac

Often abbreviated Ctrl+Alt+Del, this command (sometimes referred to as the "three-finger salute") has been a mainstay for PC users—primarily to restart the computer if it locks up. But if you have switched from PC to Mac, this isn't the key...

The New iPhone X Gestures and How To Use Them

For the first time in the ten years since the first iPhone hit the market, users now have a new set of gestures to master in order to control the latest phone -- the iPhone X. There's no home button...

How to Fix and Avoid the Most Common Mac Error Messages

Chances are you've never had any problems with your Mac and this guide to common Mac error messages won't be of interest to you. Just kidding. It's much more likely that you've seen at least a few of these error...