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Hydrate Your Life with Plant Nanny Water-Reminder App

Who knew that fulfilling your basic human needs could be so fun? If you’re anything like me, drinking an adequate amount of water each day can be a surprisingly difficult task, especially when coffee is your main source of hydration....

Play Tetris on your Mac – For Free, Right Now!

Do you enjoy playing the classic game Tetris? Did you know that it is already on your Mac, and that you can play it right now? You do have to feel comfortable using the Terminal application (found in Application/Utilities/Terminal.app) and...

The Dark Side of the Pixel; And Apple’s 12 Days of Gifts!

I can’t believe I’m bringing myself to review this one, but Tiny Death Star seems to be gaining popularity quite quickly. Now you might be aware that I have a real soft spot for anything pixelated and full of sprite-y...

League of Legends In My Backpack? Yes, Please!

Alright, I’m pretty sure you’ve all figured out from my previous article that I am a die hard League of Legends player and take the game very seriously (not that DOTA2 garbage. Ick no, bury that under 12 layers of...

Break Out Your Shovels, It’s Zombie Smashin’ Time!

Ahh ... after a brief departure to the Mac, it’s back to some good ol’ iOS gaming. And what better way to kick it off than with Plants vs. Zombies 2! However, it looks like my 3GS (which I’ve lovingly nicknamed...

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