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Hot Read: BrainGate Helps Reconnect the Mind, Physical World

We talk a lot about how technology can help improve our ability to tackle simple tasks in our day-to-day lives. But when Cathy Hutchinson used technology to simply send an email in 2012, it made waves through the entire neuroscience research...

Paper Apple Watch Cutouts

Hot Read: Wired Uncovers ‘History of the Apple Watch’

On Thursday, we showed you a look into Apple’s wrist accessory history with the “iWatch” circa 1999. Now, Wired.com has taken a look at the history behind Apple’s wrist accessory future: the Apple Watch. The long form article has insight...

Hot Read: Video Shows SpaceX Plans for Self-Landing Rocket

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we here at the OWC Blog have a particular fascination with rockets. We named it the Rocket Yard, after all! And there’s one recent rocket mission that has especially caught our glued-to-the-sky eyes. Elon...

Hot Read: Historic Barn to be Relocated on Apple Campus 2

One of the aspects of Apple culture that makes it so cool, is the company’s attention to preserving the past and incorporating it into their vision of the future. Why not put a spaceship next to a pioneer barn amidst an...

Weekend Read: Old Technology for a New Spacecraft

You may already know about NASA’s Orion spacecraft, which took its first flight test Friday. While the initial test was a big step, Orion has even bigger plans for future missions – the spacecraft is designed to eventually take astronauts...

Hot Read: The Life and Times of the LED Light

CNET recently kicked off a cool series called "Appliance Science" that’s all about the science and tech behind, you guessed it, home appliances. The latest edition of Appliance Science is focused on the physics of efficient and reliable LED lights....

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