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$99 SSD! – OWC Radio #38

A Mercury Extreme Pro SSD for only $99?!! Tim can't believe it, and kicks the show off with this incredible news. Is the tech press covering the Droid II antenna issues as fairly as they did the iPhone 4? Are...

Battle for Hoth, FaceBook, and iPhone 4 – OWC Radio #34

iPhone 4 press conference and Apple’s plan to fix the Antenna-gate issue. Tim talks about the his own problems with the iPhone 4, and what Apple plans to do to fix the problems he has had. Star Wars: Battle for...

More hullaballoo about Hulu

Okay, okay, I’ll admit it—I’m a television (and old movie) junkie. I’ll watch re-runs of CSI-NY, CSI-Miami, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and if they come up with one, I’d probably watch CSI-Keokuk, Iowa. But I really love watching re-runs of...