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Creating Holiday Videos with iMovie on a Mac

Want to share some holiday cheer? There’s nothing better than posting a holiday movie you’ve created in iMovie to Facebook or sharing it with friends and relatives in other ways. In this quick tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a holiday video with iMovie — even if you’ve never launched the app on your Mac before. In a forthcoming article, we’ll show the differences between the Mac and iOS/iPadOS versions of iMovie. Here we go!

Sierra Tip: Auto-Empty Your Mac’s Trash After 30 Days

Trash on the Mac is quite similar to its real-world analogue -- anything that you place into the trash can remains there until you "take out the trash". In the real world, you eventually empty a trash can into a...

Tech Tip: Seven Easy Ways to Free Up Storage on Your Mac

Although MacSales.com has plenty of ways to expand your Mac's storage both internally and with external drives, there are some Macs that are just plain hard to add storage space to. Take the 12-inch Retina MacBook (above), for example. The...

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