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Quick Tip: Set a Live Photo or GIF as your iPhone Wallpaper

Since the arrival of the iPhone 6s a few years ago, iPhone users have had the ability to capture Live Photos. When shooting a Live Photo, the iOS Camera app actually records data before and after the shutter button is pressed...

Finding and Banishing Problematic Apps on iOS Devices

Having a bad app or two on your iOS device can really affect your relationship with your iPhone or iPad. If an app is poorly written or buggy, it can reduce battery life, take up more local storage than necessary,...

How to Archive Mac, iOS Notes by Exporting Them as PDFs

Many Apple fans love the Notes app in macOS and iOS. It's easy to use, it's surprisingly powerful, and since it is cross-platform, a note saved to iCloud on one device shows up on all devices logged into the same...

Quick Tip: Disabling iOS App Rating and Review Pop-ups

Toggle this switch off to disable rating/review pop-ups Positive reviews on the App Store drive sales and downloads of apps, so it's no wonder that iOS app developers like to inundate us with pop-ups that plead with us to "review this app",...

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These Are the iOS 11 Features that Will Make You Want to Upgrade

Today’s the day; iOS 11 becomes available for download, and if you didn’t check some of our earlier articles about Apple’s new mobile operating system, this should help you to decide whether or not you want to upgrade. Here are some of...

iOS 11 Available for Download, But Upgrade with Caution

The day has arrived! Apple has made iOS 11 available for download for iDevice owners. But don’t panic if your friend is able to upgrade before you, the update is expected to be rolled out in waves as in years past,...

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