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Tag Archives: iOS 6

iPhone iOS 6 Passbook ‘Can’t connect to iTunes’

Many users are reporting problems when trying to use Passbook to get applications. A can't connect error is reported. Apparently sometimes this is fixed by turning off automatic time and moving the date forward a year. Ok... Didn't work for...

Update on Software Update

It turns out that Apple wasn’t content to simply release iOS 6 yesterday; Many OS X users were treated to updates as well. Granted, many of these updates added more interoperability with iOS 6, but each of these updates also...


iOS 6 Sails Into Port Today! Arrrrr!

Avast, ye mateys! Heave your Software Update to port and prepare to board; for today isn’t just International Talk Like a Pirate Day, it also be the day that Apple unleashes iOS 6 upon us all. Now fetch me some...

What’s New From Apple’s iPhone Event?

Well, the iPhone event is done, and now that the dust has settled, we can look at what Apple  has announced and how it stacked up against the rumors. We’ll skip the surprisingly-short summary of Apple’s new stores, Mountain Lion...